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    It is a challenging task to achieve page one ranking on Google. Have you ever pondered, where is your website traffic coming from?? It is not a cake walk to improve search engine ranking is not a cake walk. If you want, people catch you through a Google search, and then Search Engine Optimization should be your top priority. It is impossible to enhance your business, if people unable to find you, But there are 33% chances that top results getting clicked. It is also true that above 75% of people, don’t click on second-page search.

    Therefore, your website should be displayed on page one only. There are few things which should be kept in mind to enhance your search engine ranking. The best SEO company always works according to the requirements of the client. In this blog, let’s discuss technical SEO issues to improve search engine ranking.

    What are Technical SEO Issues?

    Technical SEO helps to make your website crawl-able, index-able and easy to understand for search engines. Google needs unique content and the way that people do. It analyzes all the code containing that content, and if you don’t build your website to Google’s specs, it could hurt your visibility on the search engine results pages (SERPs).

    Technical SEO is a process of optimizing your website for the crawling and indexing phase. You can get search engines access, crawl, interpret and index your site without any problems with the help of technical SEO.

    It is called “technical” because it has nothing to do with the actual content of the website or with website promotion. The primary goal of technical SEO is to optimize the infrastructure of a site.

    Technical SEO, On-Page SEO and Off-page SEO are the main pillars of the SEO. The top SEO companies in India always avoid silly mistakes to get good results.

    Let’s discuss the most common technical SEO mistakes that kill organic traffic:

    1. Missing SSL

    SSL means “secure sockets layer,” and websites use it to secure traffic between browsers and web servers.

    You can tell if a site uses SSL by looking at the URL. If it says “https,” it’s secure. If it says “HTTP,” it’s missing that extra layer of security — and that can negatively impact your search rankings.

    2. Duplicate Content Issues

    How often you update your website is a serious concern?? If you never change your website content once it has built, then you will not be getting ranking. If you want, your traffic will increase, then you must give a reason for the visitor to visit your website again and again. For this, you need good quality, relevant and recent content. It will also help you to attain well on page optimization in SEO. Instead of this, dwell time also plays a vital role in the ranking. It just means how much time a visitor spends on your website if you have good, informative content, then definitely, people love to spend more time on your site and found it valuable for them.

    Google always find duplicate content and give penalty according to it. It comes under plagiarism and due to this Google doesn’t know what to prioritize when two pages or blog posts share identical content.

    The main thing that you need to do is to make and create unique content. Unfortunately, if you don’t use https correctly, you can end up with two versions of each page on your site one HTTP, one https, each competing for the same spot in search results.

    3. Your site speed should be good

    Your content should be useful and well informative. Moreover, it should be unique in its way, but your page loading speed should be minimum than your competitors.

    A slow loading affects your SEO efforts in numbers of the methods.

    Directly, as page speed is a mobile ranking factor

    Indirectly, as users are more likely to bounce

    If users hit “back” on their browser and click another link on the SERP, Google counts that against you in the search.

    4. Get 404s Error

    Error 404s means page not found. It will harm both your user experience and your site’s crawl ability-neither Google nor your users will reward a significant roadblock on their browsing journey.

    If your page have wrong data or broken links and then delete that page immediately otherwise it will slow down your page speed.

    Another great 404 tip is to customize your 404 pages to avoid bouncing. It is better to provide links to your most popular content and a search box may apply so that users who misspell your URL find they wants and stays on the page.

    5. Your website is not Mobile Friendly

    In this mobile generation, mobile devices are responsible for more than half of internet traffic globally. In the US, data is near about 40%, but don’t expect that number to go down any time soon.

    Google knows this and has been rolling out updates that make the web more accessible to access for mobile phone users include its slow paging speed and mobile first- indexing schemes.

    There are many things that you can do if your site is not mobile friendly. First, go to Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test tool and run a report.

    Your fonts are too small.

    Do your font sizes look great on the desktop, but become unreadable on mobile? If so, go back to your CSS and adjust.

    6. Google unable to crawl and index your pages correctly

    Keywords play an important to increase websites’ content. SEO campaigns will fail, without proper keywords search. It is the building block the SEO strategy. Long-tailed keywords approach is highly useful to improve your search ranking. A method to beat superior brands online is to take into account the entirety of a phrase as this will attract more visitors to your website.

    Google takes some time to index new pages and waiting time will be longer than usual. You need to focus on the back-link building to increase traffic of your business. Try to avoid orphan pages as Google avoid to index these types of the pages, and it will lower down your ranking.

    7. Missing Alt Tags

    Broken images and missed alt tags are responsible if you missed an SEO opportunity. The image alt tag attribute helps to search engines index a page by telling the bot what the image is all about. It’s a simple way to boost the SEO value of your page via the image content that enhances your user experience.

    Most SEO site audits will recognize images that are broken and missing alt tags. Running regular site audits to display your image content as part of your SEO standard operating actions makes it easy to accomplish and stay current with image alt tags across your website.

    8. Missing Meta Descriptions

    Meta descriptions are those short, up to 165-character content blurbs that describe what the web page is about. These little snippets help the search engines index your page and when written well can stimulate audience interest in the page.

    It’s a simple SEO feature, but a lot of pages are missing this critical content. You might not see this content on your page, but it is the most important that helps the user know if they want to click on your result or not. Like your page content, meta descriptions should be optimized to match what the user will read on the page.

    9. Slow loading page

    The faster a site is, the better the user experience, so slower websites are penalized which causes them to slide down the rankings. Google reduces the number of crawlers sent to your site if the server response time is more than 2 seconds. Thimms, in turn, means fewer pages get indexed!

    10. Wrong Title Tags

    Title tag issues are not entirely typical. These issues arise due to duplicate tags, short or long tag issues and missing title tag. If you want to fix this issue, compress your title tag up to 70-71 characters. Give a unique title tag to every page; for instance, for an e-store, you can create title tags efficiently using this formula.


    SEO is a long term investment. It is an essential part to improve your online visibility. But there are several proven strategies you can use to earn links that will help you reach your SEO goals. The most important is to fix all the technical SEO issues to get a good ranking. If you want to improve your ranking, you can consult the top SEO company to hire them for SEO services and get fruitful results.

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