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    Driving a traffic to your website is not an easy task. It does not matter whether you are running Adwords campaigns or if you do SEO and Social media by yourself, it demands a lot of effort, time  and money to get visitors  to your website. The best SEO company follows some strategies to enhance the sale of the business.

    Most people  believe that the key to  success is to success is to rank first in Google. They are wrong.

    It could be possible that you might be on the first page of the Google and you drive a lot of traffic on the website through Facebook Ads, but if all that audience leaves without buying  and engaging with it, it’s useless for you.

    Google and Facebook are not going to close the sale for you, you have to gain the trust of your visitors and persuade them to buy.

    There are many  hacks to optimize your conversion ratio,  if you implement some good policies , it is for sure that you will see some good results.

    You can experiment, run tests, but digital marketing isn’t as easy as it used to be. Years ago, when  some people started as an online entrepreneur, companies used to raise money to hire engineers and build infrastructure. If you want to promote your business

    But with the advent of the technology, it has become easy to build and companies like Amazon Web Services save you millions on infrastructure costs.So, these days companies raise money for  numbers of things. Let’s discuss them one by one:


    It has become so much easier and cheaper to build companies that majority of the money is spent on customer acquisition.

    This is the main reason why marketing has become so competitive. But that shouldn’t stop you from succeeding, it just means you need to get creative in this ultra-competitive landscape.

    1.Simplify your design

    No doubt a beautiful attracts everyone.if your company has a registration form which includes for name, e-mail, surnames, phone, address, zip code and a long etc. The main question arises here do you really need to know all this data beforehand?

    One of the study reveals that 88% of users lie in the information they provide on registration forms. People are reluctant to give their personal details to strangers.

    With the help of the subscription and contacts forms,same things happen. Most of the websites ask for the real information that is irritation for  most of the users, especially if you are browsing the website from your smartphone.

    If you are making a form of the users, it is advised to make it is less so that the user can fill it quickly without any doubt and irritation.

    Nowadays social network has made it easier for us.You can integrate registration buttons with Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and other Social Networks so that your users can register with a single click.

    2. Avoid Useless things focus to the point

    Analyze the slide bar and header of your website carefully. What do you analyze?  Probably navigation links to the different sections of your website, a widget with a list of article categories, an internal search widget and, with a little luck, even a Google Ad Sense banner.

    Moreover, any link, banner or menu that does not help to achieve a conversion… is useless.

    3. Change the tone of your Text

    Most of the company followsthe same text and almost similar to each other. 80% of the text in thecorporate websites seems to have been written by a robot.

    In addition, all givethe impression of being the same text, copied and pasted from other websites.Youdo not even have to read the texts to know that they have not been given theslightest effort in writing them.

    The problem is that if you really want to get customers or sell something online you can’t have the typical Web with “about us”, “our mission and values” and just talk about the your company only.

    4.  Include Social Proof

    If you trust your visitor business, they are more likely to give contact information and buy on your website. There are many ways to convey trust,follow the following steps:

    Include customer endorsement

    Their recommendations must be real because false recommendation can be spotted a mile away  and they reduce the credibility of your brand.

    Add reviews and ratings on the page

    Just like customer endorsements, they must be genuine. It’s better to receive criticism about a product and take it constructively to improve it than to put false reviews and end up with unsatisfied customers.

    Put photo one of your team

    It is better  if your photo is signed with the company logo on your website.The “about us” and “contact” pages can transmit more confidence if you put photos of real people than stock images taken from the Internet.

    5. Choose already proven topics

     It is not easy to find out the new topicand  read about them.Finding new topicsthat will actually resonate with your audience is even harder.

    However, always follow the strategy that will help you identify topics and titles that have the best chance of succeeding because they’ve already proven popular.

    6. Become a guest blogger

    Guest blogging is one of the biggest contribution to the growth of the business. It’s allowed me to reach far outside my own circle of influence, gaining tons of website traffic, subscribers, and social media followers.

    Start it by identifying the sites those are accepting guest posts and start building relationship with them with their owners. Become a known and trusted entity, then inquire about contributing guest posts to their site.

     If that particular site  proves to be effective in terms of driving traffic ask about a long-term guest posting arrangement. Generally speaking, this is a far more effective strategy than one-off posts on a wide variety of blogs.

    7. Take the latest approach for the Keyword Search

    Nowadays keywords is not functioning as like they used to be.Targeting one or two keywords in your content is unlikely to drive traffic, especially if you’re targeting shorter, 1-2 word phrases.

    Do not focus simply on the content to rank  for a few choice keywords. Instead, use your research to find a variety of popular, related keywords that will help you comprehensively flesh out your topic.

    Instead of it, use  your keywords matching with the themes and sub-topics of your content.For a step-by-step strategy for findings these keywords, check out my post The Startup’s Guide To Doing Keyword Research Like The Pros.

    8. Use Internal Linking to increase page view

    It is the mosteffective way to link up your content to increase the page view of your site.Aimto include 2-3 links to relevant blog posts or other content in each piece youwrite.

    Not only is this great for increasing page views and time-on-site, it’s excellent for user experience and for distributing link equity throughout your site.

    9. Be committed to social media

    Social media is now thebiggest referral source for websites  even bigger than Google. This means thatregularly promoting your content on social media is key to hacking your bloggrows.

    Facebook makes major changes to its algorithm emphasizing on more meaningful social interactions. The social media now measure post reach based on actual views.

    At the beginning of 2018, Facebook comes with new changes and with the latest news feed.

    To succeed in social media, it’s essential to stay ahead of the curve and understand the latest social media trends. To make it easy for you to keep the pace with all these changes. This will mean:

    For more tips on using social media to grow your blog, check 10 Ways Social Media Marketing Has Changed In The Past 5 Years.

    10. Pay attention to the  User Experience

    Always keep your customers in your mind for the growth of your business. Analyze the entire journey. What does the user’s experience look like?

    How effective is your site in drilling down and taking them through the stages of your sales funnel? How easy is the site to navigate and understand? What does the mobile experience look like?

    If your  userexperience is poor, then it will hurt your overall chance of the getting sale, butit will decrease your visibility when it comes to SEO.

    Google pays acute attention to the user experience. Don’t destroy it by flooding the pages with ads or making it very difficult to navigate around your site.

     Final Thoughts

    No doubt, what approach you are adopting, competition is everywhere. Only hack is not enough to bring the desire traffics to your website, You have to do numbers of things for this.

    But don’t take them for granted because all of those little things add up to a massive amount of traffic over time.  If you want to promote your business , consult IndeedSEO for its best SEO services

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