How Google’s Rank Brain Algorithm is Affecting Your Site SEO


    Google is improving day by day. Yes, it is true and it is impossible to track it down by us but in real Google changes every seconds. Engineers in Google put their effort to make it best day by day. The thing which makes Google simply awesome are algorithms. If you are a blogger then you need to stay updated with all algorithms used by Google. However it is impossible to know all factors which are used by Google but you can follow some which are officially announced by Google itself. Today we will tell you about Rank Brain which is one of biggest algorithm from Google. Know how it will affect your site SEO and rankings in Google SERP.
    What is Google Rank Brain Algorithm?
    Rank Brain is an AI or artificial intelligence program which helps the Google to process the search queries. To make it more simple it is a algorithm which understands what people want to search irrespective of fact that they are not type the right keywords on Google search.
    Is Rank Brain Is a New Method For Google to Rank Sites?
    No, Rank Brain is just a part of Google’s algorithm. Google consider it for ranking sites but along with other Google algorithms.
    So What is The Name of Google Overall Algorithms
    For years Google didn’t name it’s overall algorithm but in 2013 Google decided to give it a name, Hummingbird.
    How Important is Rank Brain?
    According to Google’s official statement Rank Brain is the third most important algorithm which Google used to give results. When it was introduced it affects 15% of searches. Today it becomes a important part of Google Algorithm as it is getting more advanced day by day.
    How Will Rank Brain Affect SEO?
    SEO campaign always start with keyword research. If you are bit aware of how you can better optimize your keywords in your blog post then you may use LSI keywords, Google auto complete and more.


    How to Optimize Your Site For Rank Brain?

    Take Help of Google AdWords Keyword Planner
    This tip may completely change how you are working with keywords. You know how to use Google Keyword Planner, right? So start with just one keywords i.e. goals. The tool will further give you various Keyword ideas like motivation, goal setting, soccer goal, life goals and more. Now you need to use these keywords to in your post. It up to you whether you want to optimize all suggestions or few pages. You don’t need to write content using those keyword forcefully. Just optimize them naturally. You can also use those ideas in sub headings too.
    Head to Google Search
    Single keywords are not working well so you need to take your research one step ahead. Once when you have handful great keywords for titles, heading, subheading etc. You need to search those keyword in Google search and look for phrases. For this you can use the auto complete feature or check the LSI keywords.
    It sounds bit tricky to use keywords which you gather in first in second step in blog but if you do it calmly then in no time you can create a well optimized content for Rank Brain. Here we are not claiming that Rank Brain algorithm uses LSI keywords or auto complete but somewhere this algorithm uses both features to look for similar things.
    Say No to Keyword Stuffing
    If you are serious about blogging then you may be one who do not follow x number of keyword should appear x number of times, right? But we guess you optimize your keyword at least 3 to 4 times. Well that’s a great thing but do you know that you can rank for keyword without mentioning it on title, subheading etc. The only thing which you need to do is optimize your blog with other related keyword. Yes it will work like a magic especially with Rank Brain algorithm.
    Today to rank your content you don’t need to use keywords unnecessarily, just make sure to write articles in natural flow by sprinkling relevant keywords.
    These days a smart blogger generally use two methods to find relevant keywords and sprinkle it everywhere. But wait you don’t need to be too smart. If you use all keywords in a hope for the best without thinking that they actually make your content hard to read then stop yourself because you are actually doing a keyword stuffing. Yes you read it right, repeating keywords is getting old, Google consider this tactic also keyword stuffing as you are forcefully inserting keywords. To save yourself just go with a flow.
    Pass the People Test
    What is this? Is it really exists? Yes it is but the fact is you need to decide it yourself whether it passes the people test or not because you are the one who write the content. Well you don’t need to think too much for this. When you are going to start writing with an idea just write a rough article. After this know where you can actually sprinkle those keywords in article.
    When you finish writing the article just make sure to read it and only hit the publish button when you are sure that you are feeling comfortable. If something is ticking you then immediately look on it. Proofreading is also very important you can enhance your article using Grammarly and Hemmingway like tools.
    Be Focused to Your Content
    All of the above tips you just need to be focus on providing great content. If you want to stay on top then quality content is the only thing which helps you to retain the position for long time. No doubt by using some tactics you may achieve the first rank but there is no benefit of it especially when visitors are not getting anything useful and relevant. You will be soon thrashed down by algorithm. So it’s better to start with curating amazing content for people.
    If you have any question in your mind regarding Rank Brain algorithm then feel free to ask in the comment section.


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