Four Key Elements for Effective SEO Strategy


    Today SEO is completely changed, and if you are here with a pride of knowing everything in SEO then we recommend you to read the whole article once, and we are sure it will change your perception of doing and understanding of SEO. Here we are sharing four key elements for effective SEO strategy. You can’t move forward missing any of these single elements. If you really want to get success, then you need to take all elements along with. So are you ready?

    Technical SEO

    Even experts seem puzzled when this term came. Actually, it is bit complicated but in reality, if it is done correctly then nothing is simpler than that. Technical SEO is all about ensuring that the things you are implementing can be easily read by search engines.

    If you are really seriously about the implementation of technical SEO in your project in the right way, then don’t hesitate to use tools like Deep Crawl and Screaming Frog. Such tools will help you to find out lots of errors in your site.

    The major things which you will get to know are:
    Crawl – Is your content is crawlable to bots or spiders?
    Index – Which page should be indexed or not?
    Mobile – Is your site is ready for mobile users?
    Speed – Is your pages load too slow?
    Tech – Are you using an SEO friendly CMS or technology for your site?
    Hierarchy – Is your content has hierarchy properly?

    If you are using WordPress and other CMS to run your small business site then you can opt out technical SEO, but if you have a large site then it is very beneficial for you to check technical SEO of your site as a slight correction will magically increase your domain authority, page authority, ranking and more.

    Don’t take technical SEO too complicated just understand that it is a major part of website development and design. You just make sure that the developer you’ve hired has a good knowledge of SEO so he can easily interplay between design, SEO, and development. Apart from this, making a responsive site is not a big deal for developers today but making a blazing fast site is, so make sure your developer must have this talent.

    On Page Optimization

    You know this is coming, right? Well without any doubt on page optimization is one of the key elements of SEO strategy. Now you may be thinking that you know much more about it but hold on reading this point maybe you will discover some more importing things.
    On-page, SEO doesn’t mean that you need just to take care of home page only. Know that Google considers and rank your every page separately. You need to spend equal time on on-page SEO of every page to get most from it.

    The first start with well-structured content, it should be properly categorized. You need to take care of this factor more if you are using too many sub-categories or levels on your site. An ecommerce site is the best example, so if you have one then work on it now.

    After structure, the main area on which you need to work on is checking every individual page whether they are up to SEO or not. The main areas where you need focus are:

    Keyword Research – Don’t write articles randomly. First, know your target audience and then give yourself enough time for keyword researching.

    SEO Friendly URLs – Make sure the URL format you choose is SEO friendly. Here are some example of SEO friendly URLs.

    Page Titles – If you are using your keywords in title then don’t do it. It is old technique and not much appreciated by Google. Yes if it comes naturally then you can even add two keywords.

    Meta Description – Same applies with meta description. You need to make it user-friendly not bots friendly.

    Content Optimization – Keywords everywhere, well this is not working at all. Apart from it, you can use synonyms but overusing it without any sense is also not acceptable. Be natural as much as you can.

    User Interface – Good content is not enough if you want to increase the loyal user base then work on your site design and navigation.

    Call to Action – Don’t make your visitors feel lost. Ensure to have strong calls to action buttons.

    Structured Data Markup – Want to see different in search engine then use structured data markup which you can find in Search Console.

    When you are considering all above things make sure to know your target audience first because if your target audience is local, then you need to consider local SEO techniques.


    Content is king, and it will be for always. From the very beginning, Google asks for quality content, but because of fewer resources, it can’t find out the real quality content. This flaw was taken as opportunity by many spammers and no doubt they ruled the search engine but wait you can’t see them now. All thanks to Google engineers who are working day and night to make Google algorithms stronger day by day.

    Today you can’t fool Google. Yes, still many people are using grey hat techniques which is a mixture of white and black hat SEO techniques. But let us tell you that they enjoy the rankings and visitors for few months only.

    If you really want to rule the search engine for a long time then without any excuse you need to focus on your content. Writing anything would not work, so it’s recommended to write something when you found your answer that why you are writing particular thing?

    If you are running a normal blog, then it will be easier for you to pick the right content for your blog but the real problem comes when you have a service site. Well, let us solve your problem. You just need to break down your content into three sections:

    Service Content – Just explain you’re what, where and why in this section.
    Credibility Content – Why someone wants to join your business or buy a product from you.
    Marketing Content – Give some expert tips in your niche and become an eye candy among your circle.

    Off-Page SEO

    All SEO practices sum up on one thing which is Authority Building. Now when it comes to authority building most of its part is covered by link building. Links are still important for Google to determine the authority of sites.

    If you are still using those old link building techniques, then you will be penalized any time. Link building practices are totally changed. Today you just can’t make links everywhere and anywhere. It’s all about relevancy. It is obvious that if you make too many links, then you will be surely penalized but making irrelevant links too will land you a penalty.

    You need to be very careful before making even a single link to your site. Suppose you made 100 good quality niche links for your site and one link out of it is not relevant then Google will not penalize for you but surely gives you a negative point for that and as a punishment drop your ranking. So make every single wisely.

    If you are not sure how to implement all above elements, then let us help you. IndeedSEO being the best SEO agency in India promises you to implement all above SEO key elements in your project and give you guaranteed result.

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