That’s it, your e-commerce site is online and now you’re asking yourself a lot of questions.

    How will I attract visitors to my site? Which source of traffic is most effective? Etc. In this article, I will detail some points which prove that having a well referenced online store on Google is essential for an e-merchant which can be provided by a leading SEO company.

    Ultra qualified traffic.

    Google is a search engine (that, I guess you know it), so it implies that its users need to solve a problem.

    And that’s pretty good because your products are there to meet a need!

    This means that Google users are all potential buyers.

    If you are able to appear on the keywords that match the problem your product solves, then you will only attract people likely to become your customers.

    The behavior of users of social networks is very different.

    Facebook, Twitter, etc., are all intended to entertain their users.

    Of course, it is not impossible to use social networks to attract traffic to your site. But converting these Internet users into buyers will be much more difficult.

    Advertising, meanwhile, has a major flaw that greatly limits its effectiveness in terms of acquisition of qualified traffic.

    It’s an interruption!

    The principle is simple: a user watches his news feed on Facebook or a video on YouTube and you try to attract him to your site by showing an advertisement in the middle.

    The problem is that you fall at the worst moment.

    What the user wants is to finish watching his video or continue reading the messages of his friends.

    So in order to get him off the hook and bring him to your site, you have to post a very strong message that makes him click NOW.

    In 80% of cases, to achieve this, you will make an “exceptional offer” and limited in time.

    As a result, you will only attract people looking for the “good plan” and not the customers who are really interested in your products.

    Immediate results!

    We often read that ROI (return on investment) SEO is very long to obtain.

    I do not quite agree with that.

    To improve the SEO of your site, you will have to optimize it and gather links.

    If you put in place the right actions, you will see that SEO can bring immediate benefits.

    Free traffic!

    Another very important advantage of SEO is that once your site is well positioned in the search engines, you will get free traffic without doing anything!

    Indeed, if it takes time to get to the top positions of Google, it also means that once you’re there, your competitors will have a hard time overtaking you.

    Hard to make more money than regular traffic that does not require time or money, is it?

    Unfortunately, this is not the case for social networks or advertising that systematically ask you to do new actions to trigger visits.

    Sustainable and predictable traffic

    As I explained, once your site is correctly positioned in Google, you will get new visitors every day even if you do nothing special.

    You will know in advance how many customers will discover your site each month and the turnover they will generate by buying your products.

    It is therefore much easier for you to anticipate and make investments.

    Advertising and social networks do not offer you such peace of mind.

    Indeed, you are dependent on the effectiveness of your campaigns and actions that, by definition, can not always be the same or they would not attract anyone.

    Your income is necessarily much more variable with social networks and advertising than with traffic from Google.

    Moreover, any company can have a “hard blow” that forces them to reduce their expenses.

    If this is, unfortunately, your case and your sales depend mainly on the budget you invest in advertising, you may end up with a very low turnover.

    And this is the beginning of an infernal spiral that can ruin your business.

    Again, traffic from Google does not depend on the time or money you invest, you do not risk falling into this kind of vicious circle.

    The first step towards automation

    • Imagine a company where your only role is to define the strategies that will allow it to continue to grow.
    • No more schedules, no more recurring tasks that you do not care about, etc.
    • It makes you dream no?
    • Well, it’s possible!

    The first step to achieve this is to automate the acquisition of your traffic and we saw that SEO was the best way to achieve this.

    When you can predict the monthly turnover of your shop, you will only have to delegate recurring tasks, such as sending the goods or after-sales service.

    You can then focus on growing your business. (Add products, services, etc.)

    An improved site = more sales

    The vast majority of criteria used by Google’s algorithm to determine the positioning of sites in its results requires you to improve your online store.

    Here are some examples of what Google is waiting for:

    • Pages of quality (which really interests the surfer).
    • Pages that load quickly
    • A secure site (https)
    • A site optimized for mobile

    In your opinion, do your customers prefer to place an order on a slow, insecure and uninteresting site?

    Or in the shop that offers them in the blink of an eye relevant information on both their smartphone and their computer, and all without risk of seeing their personal data being hacked?

    You have understood, following the instructions of Google, you will improve your site and therefore your sales.

    More opportunities through the network

    Improving your site is only part of the work you will need to do to properly reference your online store.

    You will also need to get links from other sites.

    It is no longer possible to use tips to quickly get hundreds of links.

    Now the solution is to get in touch with influential people in your field and make sure they talk about you or your products (and of course to ask them to add a link to your site).

    You will develop your network, which will bring you many new opportunities.

    Once in contact with an influential blogger in your sector, you can offer him various partnerships to boost your sales.

    But I also had the honor of being quoted as a blogger to follow in his book “Search Optimization” and I know that many more opportunities will emerge from this relationship in the future.

    All this would not have been possible if I had not contacted Lionel in order to improve the SEO of my site.


    You understand I consider that an online store must not do without Google and SEO.

    Attention, I’m not saying that advertising or social networks will not allow you to succeed on the internet, but deny your SEO is an error that will cost you (and already costs) a lot.

    If my article convinced you, then I invite you to discover Complete digital marketing services of the leading SEO  company here at IndeedSEO.

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