Do’s and Don’ts of SEO: 2020 Update


    There have been changes in SEO with time and the experts have to move forward with these changes. SEO algorithms have been becoming more trailblazing. It is a good update as it has improved the user experience and ensured more sales conversions for some business. These algorithms have helped the deserving websites attain the rank that they deserve by, pushing down junky and incapacitated content websites.  To make sure your website remains up top here are some do’s and don’ts of modern-day SEO. The best seo companies in India, have better idea about this update. So always consult with them to get best-in-class results.

    DO: Investigate well to quantify the performance

    Do research well when you start writing your content, finding the right keyword that will help rank your content up top is what you want to do. Analysis of the keywords is an effective way of taking a calculative decision. There are a lot of resources available for analysing and finding the right keywords that would cater to your content needs. The search engine is the best buddy you can rely upon, just type in some words and pick out some phrases that pop down in the suggestion box and start clicking your way through ranking your words as per your business relevance.

     A simple tip, rank your keywords that are related to your business and make sure that they have a low difficulty score. A lower score means that fewer businesses are competing for the same keyword or phrase. Use long trailed keywords rather than using a single word, long-tailed keywords will help you rank higher. Don’t forget to exercise this even after write your content. Practicing keywords analysis to see which phrase needs more attention, might help you in your hard times and also when you encounter an opportunity.

    Do: Have a keyword centric content.

    Content that you write should be relevant as per what your business demands. After analysing of your keywords corresponding to your business needs, you need to ensure that your content revolves around those keywords. A crisp, to the point and sturdy content is what will keep your audience engaged. First and foremost make sure that your title matches with your content, you have only 60 characters to impress google before it cuts your title short. Experts say 60 characters are enough to engage the internet audience, anything more than that can result in higher bounce rates.

    keyword cenrtric-content

    Talking about your body, make sure that the text in the body should be simple and highly specific to your topics. If you are just trying to write irrelevant information, to squeeze in as much information as you can, cation! This won’t help the SEO at all, rather it would just increase the complexity for the search engine algorithm to be able to understand your conversational language. By irrelevant information, we mean that you don’t need to rewrite the phrases and keywords in a different context just to fill in for the length of the content, instead use variations in keywords such as long-tailed keywords and keyword expansion.  

    Do: Use admissible links

    Always prefer quality over quantity when it comes to choosing links. Having relevant links on your websites that are related to your business will always extend you towardsa beneficial SEO. Links are an integral part of  SEO, but too many links on your webpage can also make your page look spammy. Do have an eye for the links that include your keyword, so that it ensures better ranking. Use more than one webpage links throughout your website, having multiple links to the same webpage won’t increase your SEO. So always link those websites that enhance your website’s user experience and generate more clicks and traffic. The top seo companies, India prefer this to get more traffic to your website.

    External linking to credible websites can boost your SEO and the, just make sure the links open in a new tab. We also recommend you to use effective links that redirect to the home page or to your website’s about page, as you don’t want to lose the attention of the user. So as long as you use different anchor tags you are set to boost your sales each time a user visits your website. Linking your website to credible business websites also leaves a good impression over your visitors. Providing them with a good amount of information makes the user visit your website again increasing your ranking in the process.

    DO: Create Organic Content.

    You don’t want to spam your uses with similar content again and again and saturate their interest. Focusing on new and unique content that your customers enjoy reading is the key. This increases the chances of hurdling up the rank ladder as more and more users come in search of fresh content. This fundamental inbound marketing technique- write engaging content and people will come to you!!

    Make sure your content connects with a crowd you intend to target, writing quotable and shareable content. It is always loved by the readers and this is what increases your chances of getting backlinks from other sites. A backlink from another site means that your site is gaining credibility. It recognize by brands that are looking forward to reaching up to your level. A back-link also tells the search engines that your content is in demand which give it a vote of confidence for your content. Google has updated its algorithm in search of fresh content, it filters out copied and duplicate content and indexes the website accordingly. So make sure the content is neither plagiarised, this would affect your brand credibility, by making your visitors cranky and disappointed in you.

    Do: Develop accessible web pages.

    Those times have gone when you had to have two different links for different devices, Having a single link for both the devices is a smart way to rank higher. Having more than one link with similar content confuses the search engines and then they often leave both the websites unindexed.  Ensure that you have similar links for both desktop and mobile devices. Websites on mobile devices demand responsiveness and Google favours those who have a responsive website. Google has actually started indexing websites on the basis of their mobile version so having a responsive website is a must and also mobile devices provide a better experience.

    As discussed till now the benefits of a mobile-friendly website are two-fold. They are not just preferring by the search engines. They are also extensively used by the internet public. Google has also announced that responsive designs of the website also results in lower bounce rates and the lower the bounce rate the better it is for SEO. With the growing population of mobile users, prefer that you also sift your website to a responsive design which will help you gain more traffic. 

    Do: Target on local SEO

    For those who are looking forward to locally building a monopoly, especially B2B business they need not to compete  b/w multinational companies. Accumulating the local crowd is one way you can get yourself in the “best new me” list. For that, you need to look back to your keyword analytics tool. It is far more effective for local businesses to try rank their business website based on local or region-specific keywords. With Google’s google search display, your business can now benefit from local searches as the customer can easily find you using their mobile. Local SEO has become a boon to many businesses out there and they are demanding for more of it.

    Do: Discard all poor quality inbound links.

    In some cases when you have attained a certain level and other websites start linking to your websites, it might put a band influence on your rank. The web is vast and a whole different world in itself. Low budget websites failing to hire a good content  generator and end up copying content. It is often listed as a poor quality website in the eyes of search engines. You can be penalised due to search engines due to duplicate content. So to regain control of your SEO, you can disavow harmful links, most importantly clamping out these links telling the search engines that these links are not to be taken into account while determining the ranking. 


    DON’T: Copy large pieces of external content

    Initially, let’s banish an old SEO folktale. It observes that photocopying oneself’s content doesn’t seem to do any  harm to your SEO; well it doesn’t help it either. Duplicating content as already told will only slow down your indexing and will never allow you to rank above, cause pages will experience more bounce rates than clicks through rates.

    Anyhow, this doesn’t look like you have copied someone else’s content. Search engines are getting smarter, they are tending to incline more towards  organic content, hence spending more time on non-original content would lower down the rankings. Quoting some contents won’t hurt but ctrl+V and ctrl+c is a very bad habit that would never get you where you want to be .

    This varies from amalgamated content, which means some third party sites hosted your published content and posts on their website. Still, if properly execute, this would help increase conversions rates, as you will implicitly gain access to the audiences. And if you are willing to amalgamate your content, do ensure that you understand how to do so cautiously- selecting specifically high dominion sites and using techniques to ensure that you get recognized. To avoid the foreseen issues with content amalgamation in entirety, you could consider guest blogging, or, do what others generally do create unique and original content.

    DON’T: Link too often to external sites

    We’ve found that linking to too many external websites can harm your SEO. Google has been  penalising simulated outbound links.

    However, we understand that the purely negative effect comes when your content looks repetitive as a repercussion. Which will eventually make your content hard to read, possibly experiencing high bounce rates –  and this is something that search engines will pick up on. And even though it may seem patent, be careful that you don’t link to external websites that curate adult content or gambling which can backfire on your SEO metrics.

    DON’T: Overuse keywords

    Yes, search engines do crave for content that has a clear motif, but clinching a keyword can adjourn customers, significantly reducing conversions. In expressions of search engines, it clears well and has found that they don’t punish this explicitly, but they may observe that your recurring content has led to high bounce rates, which would eventually result in a lower ranking.

    A quick hack to this  is to find synonyms, it is a very effective way to ensure that the search engine identifies your content well and the readability of the content is also not distorted.          

    DON’T: Try and cheat the system

     Plans of action such as buying back-links, making use of hidden links, and taking part in link latticework are all prehistoric ways to increase SEO. With search engines becoming smarter, these methods have stopped working,and they also usually get penalised. Not only will your website be penalised, but even the content that your will be using will also even the content that you will be sung will be of defined in the categories of reduced quality – a key element in producing higher standard inbound leads.

    Taking these pointers and implementing as an integral part of an inbound marketing strategy will tweak your SEO. But always remember, SEO is a procedure that takes time, so patience is the key, and in due course your website will bring in high-quality traffic and embryonic leads.

    SEO is a rudimentary section of content marketing, expand your knowledge by downloading our Introduction fundamentals by visiting our websites and explore more content on tips to boost your sales by practising updates trends in SEO.

    Don’t: Do not avoid voice search.

    In the year 2020, 50 % of the internet audience had shifted to voice commands. It is not a novelty no more, it has become a mundane habit of most  of the internet users. Even the users using keypad phones are now swiftly shifting from multiple clicks to just a single long-press following with a voice search. So keeping this in mind do optimize your website with this new trend to target the right market you want to build credibility in. So it’s better update yourself with the latest trends. The only odds are that your audience should be needing or using voice search daily.  In this year about 60% of the users are just relying on voice search rather than typing it out and ending up with a curated ocean of information.

    Don’t: Neglect the Meta Data

    An ocean is made by drops of water. Start your content with alternate tags and phrases and move on to the titles. Once you know how to handle these small things, and the way you handle them will determine how you will handle bigger content. This greatly impacts your search engine performance. Meticulous work appreciate in SEO, so pay attention to little things. Usually, the developers do not pay attention to these small things as they are more focused on developing quality design and organic content. Don’t forget that even this is an important part of the website and you need to pay equal attention to them too.

    Allow for Long Loading Time

    People won’t spend too much time gazing on pages that load too slowly, which is quite obvious. People spend seconds on the website these days, not even minutes. So, just be ready to lose visitors before you even impress them with your  amazing design and content, due to your slow loading website.Loading time is a fundamental  element of user experience that contributes to the number of visitors on your page. A long loading time won’t allow you to give a satisfying experience to your users.So if you are ready to optimize your current SEO strategy, these do’s and don’ts will dauge you from being penalised by search engines..

    Final Words

    The more you focus on learning and practicing  to improve your seo the better user experience you deliver. After all SEO is not a dyas game it’s a constant. Thus, customer satisfaction race that all the SEO executives are in.   

    If you are a digital marketing enthusiast, or SEO experts. You are just starting your journey, make sure you are well aware of these do’s and don’ts of SEO. is one such platform that adheres to the latest trends and best practices of SEO amended by google. We encourage you to explore more of what SEO has to offer. What you can leverage to make it all happen that every SEO expert desires. Click the link and open yourself to the ocean of best-curated SEO content in India. You can also request a quote for our flexible services to optimize your website. It is amongst the top ranks in the google search engine. For more information, consult the Top seo company in India and get the fruitful results.

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