Does Company Size Affect SEO Strategy?


    This question pops in everyone mind whether he/she is looking for a company who can take care of their SEO project or even to those too who have companies handling various SEO projects?
    Big companies charge relatively high in comparison to small business, and when it comes to choosing the company we prefer to give priority to a small company as they are charging less, but if you are bit aware of industry then you know that in small companies single person may handle your all projects or may be two. Before going in deep let’s break down small, medium, and large companies. Does their size affect SEO strategy?

    Small Company

    Small companies are the best to work with. They have their pros and cons. As small companies are more focused on their work as they want to make a reputation in the market, there is higher chance that they will deliver quality work.
    Small companies have a very tight budget with a limited number of employees. They can handle two or three projects precisely, but as soon they got their next project everything gets messed up. In short, they need to change their SEO strategy. They need to set priority to projects, and there is no doubt strong client will get more preference.
    Now coming to SEO strategy then small businesses prefer to spend their most of time in building online public relations, local SEO, branding, experiment with Google Adwords and optimizing for mobile.
    The first goal of small business is to bring people to your store or service site, so they prefer to focus on Google Local and other third party review websites like Yelp. If they fail to build a business from AdWords campaigns, then the next step they follow is working on content strategy. Moreover, they would more focus on social media marketing and try to get links from other relevant websites.

    Medium Size Company

    Medium sized companies are not an exception when it comes to the budget. Most of the time they are facing more budget problem in comparison to small companies. But as they have a decent number of experienced employers they are a somehow good choice. You can judge any good, mediocre company just by having a look on their company’s website as it will look more professional and easily tell you what they are delivering.
    Medium sized companies also work a lot on their website SEO, and you can easily find them just with a Google search. One of the main USP of the medium sized company is they will do a comprehensive SEO audit of your site so they can make a proper SEO strategy on it.
    Their SEO strategy consist of adding long term and ever green content strategy. Apart from these they will not neglect the social media marketing and build public relations like strategy.
    In a medium sized company, there is a expert inter marketer who specializes in social media messaging, handle editorial calendars, overview whether SEO strategies are correctly implementing. According to the company situation, such person can be in-house, or they can also hire someone for this task.

    Large Companies

    Large companies can have any number of employees which you even can’t imagine. They have enough budget to take care of all aspects of SEO. Just name it, and they will do without asking you any single question.
    When talking about large companies then there are two types of large companies B2B (Business to Business) and B2C (Business to Consumer).
    Business to business companies pays more attention to technical SEO and content marketing. They try to make best of content by making them viral in social media.
    Companies with business to consumer mind have little more extra budget in comparison to business to business minded companies. Because of this, they dive on every opportunity that is floating around the ocean of SEO.
    As we said above you can’t guess the number of team members in large companies it was true. A Large company may have a contract with many small and medium-sized company so they can dig up every aspect of SEO.
    A Large company just not focus only SEO of your project but they are working on making your brand recognizable. From a guest posting in top sites to PR, social media everything is managed professionally.

    How to Find Which Company Size is Right for You?

    Anyone would like to go with large size company obviously, but at the end, you need to pay a hefty amount which is no doubt worth but as all are not able to afford large companies you need to be careful while choosing companies.
    Here companies are divided only in three types, but as you go in depth of any of type you would encounter thousands of sites. Now the most likely thing which you do is pick the company according to your budget which is again wrong. You need to keep the budget thing at last.
    First filter down the best 3 to 5 companies which you can afford. As we said don’t look at price when you choose companies. Yes, you can filter out the companies which are totally out of the budget. Now when you have a list of companies which you want to go with, look for services which you need and pick the company which has a good portfolio, rating review, etc.
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