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    SEO is not a one day task. This process takes time to get the optimal results. It is important to get traffic from the search engines. Whether you are blogging for profit or fun purpose, it doesn’t matter, but without website traffic, you will burn out soon. The top SEO company always follows White Hat SEO technique to double its Google’s ranking.

    The world of digital marketing is widely accepted by the different business owners and the industrialists, and they have recognized that digital marketing is the only platform which has helped them to excel their competitors.

    The most demanding and popular business strategy of Digital Marketing is the Search Engine Optimization. The SEO performs are in abundance and its best SEO service providers know very well, how to consume these strategies in the favor your boosting your business revenue

    There are some common myths about these professional companies. Let’s discuss them one by one:

    #1. If I am following quality content marketing then, There Is No Need For SEO Services

    Most of the companies feel this theory is useless but this theory is completely baseless and does not yield any result. O doubt. Content is the fuel for the search engine optimization and good content is required for the promotion of your business. On the other hand, you also need to understand, that unless this content goes viral, then it would only serve to a precise space only. Your content should be informative so that people should gain some knowledge from them. You need to integrate the successful SEO strategies to go along with the content marketing and together these two aspects make a great deal.

    #2 Meta Description are not important

    There are various people who are thinking that meta tags are not important of an SEO, they can be avoided.


    Yes, you are reading right, there are various myths like this are circulating in the market. But in actual, these HTML tags, which appear in between the opening and closing of the <head> tags, are the necessary elements. Even though adding the Meta tags do not boost your search rankings, but it sure does tell the users and the search engines about the type of your website. Moreover, it gives the enough and clear information to the user which make them to click on your search link.

    #3 Link building is an optional matter:

    Backlinks are the links that directed towards your website. It is considered that the more the backlinks, more popular your website is. It is believed that backlinks are important for the SEO, because various search engines such as Google, gives more credit to those websites who have a quality and good amounts of backlinks. This fact is largely accepted and integrated by the leading SEO Company in India, but there are digital marketing strategists, who try to avoid the significance of link building, but this is absolutely a wrong step. Hence, link building plays an important role in the success of SEO services and it clearly defines that how Google would decide which sites should be reflected on the first page of Google search.

    #4 Quality Matters:

    It is believed that the amount of more pages on the website helps the SEO to rank your business higher, but with the trending and the latest trends this theory has faded off, and it makes it very clear that quality and the number of keywords targeted in the least number of pages matter, then the quantity. You must ensure that every added page on your website is adding value to it because users prefer to see something which is useful and beneficial for them, so plan and work upon accordingly.

    #5 Image optimization is useless:

    Then you need to brace up with the right set of strategies, and those SEO strategies suggest that whenever or wherever you embed an image in your website you MUST optimize it fully by using the SEO trick alt tag. These tags would help the search engines to recognize your images and help it get ranked as well. So peeps, if you really want your website to do wonders with the latest SEO techniques then you must not follow these myths at any given cost and consequently help your business to get ranked higher and generate viable traffic and the revenue hike with the right SEO strategies. Now you must be wondering that how to make it possible since the available SEO companies in the market, only create the confusion and it is not at all possible for you to select the best out of all.

    #6 Needs multiple website to rank around the globe

    However, it is possible for your website to rank in multiple locations around the world. You don’t necessarily need multiple websites or sub-domains to rank internationally; in many cases, you can work within the confines of your current domain.

    In fact, if you take a look at your analytics on your website, even if it has no Geo-targeting whatsoever, chances are you already have traffic coming from various languages and countries.

    Many global brands have only one site, using sub-folders for their multilingual or multi-regional content. Don’t feel that international SEO is beyond your reach because you believe it requires multiple websites. You may only need one!

    The most important thing to remember when deciding whether you need separate websites is that new websites will start with zero authority.

    #6 Duplicate website on separate ccTLDs or Geo-targeted sub-folders & each will rank in their respective Google

    A ccTLD is a country-coded top-level domain, such as, which is country-coded for Canada. Some people believe that a duplicate ccTLD get outranked by its .com sister in its local version of Google. For example, say a site like is a mirror of, and the outranks the site in This is because Geo-targeting is outweighed by the domain authority of the .com. We saw in an earlier chart that ccTLDs can be the most accurate for showing the right content in the right version of Google, but that’s because those sites had a good spread of link authority among each of their ccTLDs, as well as localized content. You shouldn’t just host your site mirrored across multiple ccTLDs just for the heck of it; it’s only effective if you can localize each one. Therefore, to Avoid simply duplicating your site if you can. The more you can do to localize and differentiate your sites, the better.

    #7 Avoid using URL parameter to indicate language is OK

    Google recommends against this, and from my experience, it’s definitely best to avoid URL parameters to indicate language or region. Google and Bing have clearly said they don’t like parameters and recommend keeping one language on one URL. Proxied content, content served by a cookie, and side-by-side translations all make it very problematic for search engines to index a page in one language. Search engines will appear to crawl from all over the world, so they’ll get conflicting messages about the content of a page.

    Basically, you always want to have 1 URL = 1 version of a page.

    Google has improved and will continue to improve its locale-aware crawling. As of early 2015, they announced that Googlebot will crawl from a number of IP addresses around the world, not just the US, and will use the Accept-Lang header to see if your website is locale-adaptive and changing the content of the page depending on the user.

    #8 Adding hreflang tags will help my multinational content rank better.

    Hreflang tags are one of the most powerful tools in the international SEO toolbox. They’re foundational to a successful international SEO strategy. However, they’re not meant to be a ranking factor. Instead, they’re intended to ensure the correct localized page is shown in the correct localized version of Google.

    In order to get hreflang tags right, you have to follow the documentation exactly. With hreflang, there is no margin for error. Make sure to use the correct language and country codes when selecting the values for your hreflang tags. Be sure to check your Google Search Console data regularly to make sure no return tag errors or other errors have been found. A return tag error is when Page A has an hreflang tag that points to Page B, but Page B doesn’t have an hreflang tag pointing back to Page A. That means the entire hreflang association for that group of pages won’t work, and you’ll see return tag errors for those pages in Google Search Console.

    To sum up

    While content is the king, selection of the right keywords is crucial to a website’s success. However, in an effort to be unique, companies often forgo using competitive keywords. The rule is to employ all relevant keywords, including those that might appear competitive. The best seo company has been known to employ manipulative strategies. It’s crucial, therefore that while engaging a SEO specialist, websites become cautious about their practices. Better content markets and genuine resource link creation are some of those rightful practices that should be put into place. Before consulting any SEO company for business, make sure that you are aware about these myths.

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