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    Marketing is all about one thing: analyzing where your target market focuses their attention and then making content in that place. A few years back, people used to focus on radio, newspapers and another offline source of media. So if you wanted to get in front of the right people, it was enough to take out ads on those platforms. Nowadays, it has become more complex. People’s attention is divided across a variety of different platforms. Marketing agencies are beneficial to get more sales by leveraging different marketing tactics to attract your ideal customer. Search Engine Optimization services are provided by these agencies helps to get top rank in Google search.

    Search Engine Optimization declared that technique to improve the ranking of your website. This is the best platform where you can create your web pages and implement specific ways to help good ranking on search engine result pages (SERPs). The higher your page rank on Google/Bing/Yahoo result pages, the more traffic will trigger to your website. The best

    Blog content writing is not an easy task. Businesses tend to make some predictable mistakes. Blogging is one of the best way to promote your business online. By writing informative and useful blogs, you provide good options to the viewers to return at your website again and keep up-to-date with your recent posts. Many top ranked SEO Agency provide services for blogging as well. For this purpose, you need to focus on your content. It should be unique.

    Let us discuss some common mistakes in the blog content:

    1. You Don’t Have a Blog

    Most of the people think that there is no need for the blog. They believe someone in their industry dominates the field so much already that it’s pointless. Therefore, to make your business successful, you must have a blog section on your website and it should be updated regularly.

    If you’re a business owner, having a blog isn’t an option then it just means, you lack from your competitors and it is one of the essential steps for marketing success.

    2. Poor ways of writing

    The way of writing plays an important role for the success of the business. Now, Standard English has become so flexible that you don’t need to know all those complex comma rules as the back of your hand. However, the success of your blog completely depends upon the your writing style as your reader are able to read or not.

    Blog length should not be too short. It should be according to the latest Google algorithm. If your blog is according to the latest Google update then it will crawl quickly.

    3. Write for yourself

    When the Internet was young, blogs were commonly online diaries for people to unleash their inner thoughts and feelings. Fortunately, very few of those blogs ever got famous, and today, blogs must provide readers valuable information, or they won’t show up. You should consider your target audience’s interests and desires with every new post. If you’ve visited Google lately and you’ve probably noticed that the search giant is increasingly answering users’ search queries right on the search engine results pages (SERPs).

    Featured snippets contain a summarized answer to a user query, as well as the page title, a link to the web page from which the answer originated, and the URL. They live at the top of the SERPs and the information they contain is pulled from one of the organic listings on the first page of search results.

    4. Inconsistent blogs

    All humans are not just blog-reading humans love routine, which means they want to know precisely when they need new content for the blogs. You should write blog according to the requirements and instructions provided to you. Your blog should have a strict, regular publishing schedule that your readers can follow. It doesn’t matter whether it is once per day or once per week, as long as your readers know exactly when to visit your site for updates. A blogger will assert like, “SEO is difficult for beginners because you don’t have a good domain ranking. But, you can fix it easily.”

    But then they don’t offer the steps on how to “fix it easily.”

    This isn’t a hard task, though. To start, write how-to blog posts with tools that you’re familiar with.

    5. Blogs without Keywords and SEO

    Unfortunately, favorite blogs don’t make it on merit alone. Usually, successful bloggers know precisely how the Internet works, and they include relevant keywords attract more audience and viewers.

    However, SEO strategies are becoming ever more complicated as search engines give their best to filter out the best content. These keywords are highly useful to get traffic to your website with the most up-to-date tactics.

    6. Going It Alone

    No blogger is alone on their island. In many case, if you have no idea than you can take help from the other blogs as well. But, you must represent their view in the unique so that cannot get any copy-write issue. Mercifully, the blogging community is massive and benevolent, and you can undoubtedly find some allies to fill gaps in your schedule and add new flavor to your current content.

    7. Failing to Engage

    Publish is not the final destination during blogging. Internet helps your readers to communicate with the blogger. To fulfill this, you must be available on the social media or you have mentioned your contact detail and email. This action helps to build a good relationships with readers and earns their loyalty.

    8. No promotion

    Your purpose for blogging will get fail if you can’t get good audience and you fail to target the desired audience. You will never get good opportunity if you fail to target your desired audience. A single media post is not enough to get the good traffic. You also need to promote it. You need to promote your content at different platforms on different hours of the day.

    9. No Commitment

    It is not always true that you will get a good fan following at the first day of your blog posting. It may take some days and months to get a good target audience and followers. You need to upload your blog on the regular basis so that you can promote your business and can get a good audience. Once you get good following you will become a popular blogger and reader will appreciate all your good work.

    10. You Don’t Share Your Content

    Facebook surpassed 2 billion users last year, and other social media channels are closing in. If your content is sitting on your blog and are not promoting it, then you purpose of blogging is useless.

    If you have blog, but you’ve been overlooking social media, it’s time to revise your content marketing game by getting social.

    A word of warning, however: business blunders on social channels can quickly get you the wrong kind of attention. It’s straightforward for one or two intrepid users to stumble across a poorly-worded post or ill-advised image and share it with hundreds or thousands of people.

    11. User Experience matters

    Google not only concern about the content of your page but they also care content that you have uploaded on the page. Is website looks clean or messy? The loading speed of the website also matter a lot in this case. Are you trying to trick them in any way? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then you’re delivering a poor user experience, and you shouldn’t expect your content to go anywhere.

    Your blog needs to be clean-you don’t need a fancy layout, but you do need one that loads fast and presents your content in the most precise way possible. You shouldn’t try to trick users into signing up for anything.


    You aren’t blogging to improve your health, but you’re doing it to make money. Many business owners forget about this when they start drafting their content. To do that, you need to know about the content and its main purpose behind it. Always keep in mind that your blog should be unique and should have proper length. Never forget to promote your blog to get good traffic. If you want to get blogs, consult best SEO companies in India so that they can get the best SEO and blogging services.

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