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    Even since its introduction in the SEO service section, Quality link building has retained its place. It is still an effective technique to promote the website on the internet. Things that have changed in the link building are the techniques to increase the quality link building. Those have surely changed after the internet marketing got introduced to Inbound Marketing techniques. Old-school methods are no more in operation. Here’s what trending in link building techniques. These techniques are tried, tested and trusted by many SEO experts.

    1. The absolute basic & extremely important – Quality Content
    Quality content gets you high-quality backlinks. It can get you instant rewards (when someone reads it and comments on it instantly) and it can get you later delayed rewards (After a couple of years, someone reads your blog and mentions you in reference). Both the rewards are available only to the good quality content. So, never compromise with the content. Quality content not only on the web pages, but also on the blog pages.

    2. Infographics – A step ahead of images
    An informative infographic that explains more in less is people think – worth sharing. And sharing gives you a backlink. An infographic explains the issues and offers the solutions or it can list the benefits of the particular service option.

    3. Interviews
    Suppose you are writing real estate investment and if you want quality backlinks, you should insert written interview of the pro real estate investor or anyone known in that niche. That one interview can bring you a lot of quality backlinks.

    4. Case Studies
    Portfolios are loosing its charm and in their place, good case studies are coming in front. In the portfolio, there’s only name or some more particulars are provided, but in the case studies, a detailed report is provided on how the task was completed. The potential future customers re more interested in case studies. Including case studies in the content increases the chances of link building.

    5. Unlinked Mentions
    There might be some links on the website that has your website’s mention in it, but you didn’t get a backlink out of it. You can use Google Alerts, IFTTT, and Mention tools to find the brand mentions on other websites. You can then approach them to get the quality backlinks.

    6. Invite Authors
    Collaborate, work together with reputed bloggers. Hire a high ranking blogger to write for your website. This connection will fetch you good quality backlinks.

    7. News
    Keep an eye on the latest news running around related to your industry. Post a blog related to the news as that will be the most searched topic for a few days. There is a high chance of getting high-quality backlink of a news article.

    All these efforts will result in good quality backlinks. And, that will eventually result in quality traffic and high ranking. Contact IndeedSEO SEO experts to know the best link building methods for your website.

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