How To Choose Perfect Domain Name For Your Business


    Are you looking for a domain name for your business? If yes then you are at right domain but wait what the things which you need to consider before choosing a perfect domain name for your business are?
    Well, it going to be very difficult to pick the perfect name as it represents your brand so you can’t take it casually, right? Don’t worry today we have some recommendations which you need to follow before picking up the domain name.
    Prefer to Add Keywords
    There are lots of confusion in whether to add a keyword in the domain name or not. Some say it will affect your SEO and moreover Google also penalize the exact match domain. Is it true? Not.
    You will be not penalized if you follow the guidelines. Google will not penalize the exact match domain if you are not doing spamming.
    You will get a boost if you provide quality things to Google. For instance, if you are proving SEO services then there is no harm to add SEO word in your domain.
    If you are making a business website which you want to make a brand later then choose the keywords very carefully. Don’t add keyword forcefully. Make it natural.
    Keyword in domain will surely boost your website. You just need to provide quality content that’s it. If you spam then be ready to get a tight slap from Google.
    Now it is not necessary that you have to add keyword. No doubt it will give some plus point but if any keyword makes your domain name spammy or irrelevant then feel free to pick the domain name without adding any keyword. Trust us there will be no harm. All you need to do is pick the domain name which defines your business, service or brand.
    Be Unique
    Because your domain name reflects your brand, you need to make it unique. Make sure it doesn’t get mixed up with other brands.
    Try to make it short, simple and pronounceable. How about choosing words which have no meaning? Well, it will be a great idea. If you have some words which sound catchy, then you can give a try to it.
    If you choose the name which sounds similar to already existing brands, then know that people hardly recognize your brand.
    In the process of making your domain name unique, some people consider a omit some words from domain name. For instance, you can take an example of The founder of Flickr thinks to delete e word from Flicker. Now when people are aware of this website they usually find it typing, right?
    This obviously leads to lots of traffic loss. To solve this problem company has to buy another domain ‘’ which is redirected to
    It sounds that there is a solution if you have done such kind of mistake. But beware it is tough to get a similar chance as you rarely find domain names until and unless you registered a random meaningless domain name.
    .Com Is Still The Best
    In recent year’s there are many TLD’s were launched. They have been initiated because .com is almost occupied with all generic terms. Now you can find tons of TLD’s according to your niche.
    So it will be easier for you pick the short and generic domain for you, right? Yes, it is easy, but still, we recommend you to pick the domain name with .com.
    We know it is complicated to find a preferable domain name in .com, but still, we recommend you to give yourself a time to find the perfect .com domain.
    Why are we recommending this? If you are serious about making your brand, then there is nothing better than .com domain.
    .com domain comes with a trust. Users easily believe you when they find .com in your brand name. If you still want to prefer other TLD’s then make sure to register a .com with the same name if available.
    This will help you in case you want to switch or re-brand at that time you don’t have to bid for your domain. Till then you can also choose to redirect the .com traffic to your preferred domain.
    Represent Your Brand
    It ‘s nice to pick a random name which has no meaning but make sure it reflects your brand. However, it is tough find out to whether the random domain name has some connection with your brand name or not.
    If you pick the random name, then all depends on how you promote it. If you support it effectively then no doubt it will become itself a new brand. Take an example of who knows one it will become a synonym of search.
    Now coming to name which has to mean. Earlier we suggested few things like short name, add keyword in domain, etc. If you choose to pick a meaningful domain, then you need to be very careful.
    If you are providing multiple services, then it will be not a good idea to put keyword in your domain name. However, you can consider if something sums up your services.
    Get Help From Tools
    If you are struggling to get a correct domain name for your business, then don’t hesitate to use any domain suggestion tools.
    You can find plenty of domain suggestion tools which helps you to find a perfect domain name.
    Hope we helped you to choose perfect domain for your business. If you have any query or suggestion, then feel free to ask in the comment section.

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