Checking Google Search Console to Improve Website’s Search Performance


    Google welcomes those websites that perform well on its search metrics and comply with the parameters it has set. It’s an integral part of on-page SEO. Using RankBrain, Google delivers relevant search results for every search query on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

    Every website’s competition is with the thousands of other websites in its niche or operating in the location. And, to stay ahead in the competition, one has to comply its website as per the Google guidelines under On-Page SEO Strategies, the rest of the marketing strategies through Off-Page SEO Strategies come later. It’s not a one-time task as Google keeps introducing advancements in its algorithms. But, a few common metrics stay the same way.

    Your Website’s Rank for Your Domain Name

    Put the command www.[yourdomain].com in the search bar to see whether your website is showing up or not. It’s good if it’s being showed. If not, then there might be a penalty action taken against your website. Two kinds of penalties are generated in this case:

    Site Wide Penalty: Penalty on the entire website.
    This could happen due to a number of reasons that include:

    • Content Spam.
    • URL Structure Spam.
    • Fake Links on your site.
    • Image Cloaking.
    • Hacked.

    A good SEO Expert can tell you after viewing the report the first time, which issues need immediate resolution and how to handle the issues.

    Check your website for Google Crawling
    When the Sitemap is submitted in the Google Webmaster, it checks and time to time updates the data. After the updating process, it sends the report to the webmaster with the issues faced by Google while crawling mentioned in the report. It is better to work on those issues to make your website perform better. The crawling issues mainly happen due to

    Site Errors include

        • Server Error.
        • DNS Error.

      Robot Error.

    The URL Errors is spliced into categories and every category shows the URL errors. Each error that you see leaves a negative impact on your website. Fix those errors in time before more damage comes.

        1. Fix the 404 errors and apply 301 redirects to it.
        2. Sitemap errors can be eliminated by updating the sitemap.
        3. Use Robot.txt file carefully. The wrong usage of this file can block important pages on your website.

    Content Issues

    Not only content submission during Off-Page SEO practices matter, but content checkup for On-Page SEO checkup also matters. Eradicate the content issues by writing high-quality original content. Write enough words so the content doesn’t look thin and put keywords naturally in the content. Don’t stuff your content with keywords. Follow guidelines while writing content also. Read our detailed piece on 5 SEO Content Writing Myths Broken.

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