Biggest Mistake Companies Do in SEO Projects


    ‘It is easy to achieve success; it is difficult to maintain it’

    Keep that quote in mind as the biggest mistake is related to this directly.

    Any company or individual hires SEO experts to

    • Make their website comply with Google guidelines.
    • Bring the ranking up.
    • Increase Traffic.
    • Beat the competition.
    • Increase Sales.
    • Increase Quality and Target Audience reach.
    • Overall branding of the business.
    • Building Trust among other prospects.

    All these are part of achieving success. Once your website is in top rankings, your sales are increased, you start getting good reviews, you are popular in your niche industry, ultimately your investment in SEO pays off well and you achieve what you want to achieve with SEO Services.

    Now is the time when most of the businessmen go wrong because of the lack of knowledge about SEO. This is the phase when their one decision changes everything and later they get to know that they took the wrong decision and made a mistake.

    Once the targeted results are achieved, most employers end the SEO project thinking that there’s nothing that needs to be done. Now, read the quote written at the top again. Don’t stop once you have achieved the results, work harder to maintain them. If you stop the SEO work, then

    1. Your website rank will drop drastically .
    2. You will lose the traffic.
    3. Your sales will be decreased.
    4. People won’t find you easily online.
    5. You competitors will get not just one step, but many steps ahead of you.
    6. All the efforts made in the SEO will be lost.
    7. Your website may not comply with latest Google guidelines.
    8. You may have to start from ground level after a few months again.

    So, never stop SEO for your website. You can increase or decrease your budget, but never completely stop the SEO. And, it doesn’t cost you much either. IndeedSEO’s SEO services are pretty affordable and don’t hurt the client’s finances.

    Next time when you are making your marketing plan, keep a set budget for SEO. Never completely turn it off.

    ‘Doing a little bit every day is more effective than Doing a lot someday’

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