How to Become Local Search Expert


    Are you the one who want to become local search expert? If yes then know that you need to stay up with latest local SEO information but the down part is it is not so easy as it sounds. It is not an easy task because Google keeps updates its algorithm to fetch the better result so in this how you can stay update? Don’t worry you will get your answer here.
    Now before starting, tell us, do you follow other SEO blogs and websites, read SEO forums, follow social media experts, watch training sessions or webinars, read e-books, join membership websites etc. On the other side if you have just stay updated with the latest news then you know that it itself a big job, right?
    So what actually SEO professionals do, that normal webmaster can’t able to do. Well as they are professional they go in-depth of the website and find the right approach for it. They will invest most of the time to keep the website up.

    Handle Multi-practitioner Like A Pro

    The very first step to getting indexed in local search is to add your business to Google My Business list but anyone would be stuck when it comes to listing in case of multiple practitioners? Yes if you have to list business which has multiple practitioners like lawyers or doctor then you will find it really difficult because it is difficult to differentiate your service from a competitor as they also have same practice name.
    Don’t worry you could do one thing to make your business separate from others. Just simply link your web page which defines your main services. For example, if you have a clinic where doctors have different specialization then have each or doctors link to pages that are specially meant for those specialties.

    Remove Bad Reviews

    Who want bad reviews, obviously no one, right? Everyone wants to get rid of as soon as possible but the thing is it is not so easy process to delete bad review from your profile list. You need to contact Google support, tweet the support team, call the support or what not, in short, it could be a lengthy process. We will discuss how you can remove the bad reviews in any future post before knowing the process do you really want to remove bad reviews? Obviously, why not?
    Here I want to ask you something. What makes someone to put bad reviews about your business? May be you are truly lacking in that section, you are not up to the customer, provided bad service etc. In such cases take such reviews as a lesson and try to fix problems. Reply them in an appropriate way and promise them that you will soon fix the problem. This way you can gain customer trust as you are responding in a decent manner.
    Now coming to fake reviews which may be your competitor putting just to get down your business. Yes, this happens, competitors generally use this bad tactic. They put bad reviews about your business using multiple fake accounts. Moreover, they can also do it with genuine real accounts. Still, if you have such fake reviews on your profile then immediately take enough steps to remove them. As promised we will soon update a blog on how you can remove fake reviews.
    Keep An Eagle Eye on Google Algorithm Updates

    Yes, it is really important to keep an eagle eye on Google algorithm updates. Being a professional local search expert this is the first thing which you need to check daily. A minor update can change the whole search result. No one can teach you this because officially Google doesn’t reveal about it’s updates publically. You can learn knowing Google algorithm updates by experience. Just keep exploring websites, check traffic etc.
    So these are few tips to become local search expert. If you have any more tip which worth this article then tell us. Now if you have any question then make a comment we will solve your query as soon as possible.

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