Avoid These Factors To Keep Safe Your Site From Google Penalties


    Time to time Google updates its algorithm to deliver quality results. First, know that before displaying any result Google checks more than 200 factors. Surprising, isn’t? Now if someone doesn’t follow Google guidelines then the site get penalized by Google algorithms and even manually too. If you don’t want to mess with Google, then make sure to follow below tips to keep safe your site from Google Penalties.

    How to Avoid Google Penalties

    Buying Links

    Buying link is considered as one of the biggest sins in the eyes of Google. If you are one who is buying or looking for paid links, then stop it right now. Links play a very important role in ranking of the site and if you try to increase the number of links by buying it. As soon you do it you will in the range of Google algorithm and can be slapped anytime.

    Excessive reciprocal links

    This is one of the oldest black hat SEO techniques which is still followed by many of site owners. It is true that they are not doing it excessively, but still, they are doing it. As above said Google knows everything about you even how you earned links. It is better to follow white hat SEO and earn links naturally.

    Spinned Content

    After knowing the importance of content most of the people are using spun content on their sites. Today there are many tools available who help you to spin or rewrite the content. Before going further know that such tool just uses actual word synonyms. This is fine if you are doing it naturally but if you are doing it excessively then know that Google will hit you very hard. Because to recover from penalty you need to rewrite every single word again otherwise forget your site.

    Overusing H1 Tags

    It is important to add your keywords in H1, H2, H3 and so on tags. Now as you know that H1 tag is used to tell search engines and humans to tell the main topic of your article blog. Now bots give too much weight on keywords found in H1 tags. Knowing this many blogger use many H1 tags in their site which is totally wrong. Ideally, you need to use just one H1 tag per article that too for title only.

    404 Errors

    It is very important to know how much 404 errors in your site. 404 errors are produced by those dead links which may be removed, deleted or not misspelled links. The best way to figure out some 404 errors on your site is Google search console. Apart from giving you a full report on your site’s dead links, Google Search Console gives you many valuable data which helps you to boost your SEO.

    Links from Irrelevant Sites

    Quality links are good, but it really doesn’t mean that you start making backlinks everywhere. It is better to make quality links that to from relevant and niche site. If you take links from irrelevant and that too in excessive than Google will consider your site as the low quality site. So beware don’t run behind a number of backlinks but try to get relevant backlinks.

    Keyword Stuffing

    Keyword stuffing is getting old now you can’t fool Google by playing with keywords. Now it doesn’t mean that keywords are dead. Keywords still have importance, and the only thing you need to remember while utilizing keywords is, just use them naturally. If you are following the same old rule that states some keywords percentage, sprinkle keywords in the first paragraph, last paragraph, etc. then you need to give up such tactics right now.

    Footer links

    Are you using free WordPress theme or template then you may notice some links sprinkled on your footer? While some themes allow you to remove the links, remove them immediately and if it gives you no option to remove links then try to remove it using theme editor. If you are not able to remove footer links from theme editor too then, it’s better to switch to another theme because it will be considered as spam.

    Hidden Links

    Hidden links are another old tactic which is still followed by many site owners. So what are hidden links? Well if someone is trying to give a boost to some of his keywords through anchor text or without anchor text he will simply change the color of text with the background, for instance, you are reading this text on white background. If we change the text color to white, then the text will invisible but still accessed by robots. This is considered black hat SEO. It is totally dead now.

    No Sitemap

    Not having a sitemap can bring you down in search result. The sitemap gives someone a clear idea about your site structure. Search engine bots love sitemaps, and if you don’t have one, then it is recommended that immediately get one for your site if you really want to save yourself from Google penalty.

    These are only ten factors there are many which we can’t explain here in a single piece of article. If your site is suffering from any penalty, then you will be glad to know that we are providing guaranteed Google penalty recovery services. Just contact us, and we will help you to recover from any type of Google penalty.

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