My Activity’ Site Launched by Google


    Google loves you and wants you to stay informed about the insights and your searches. And, with that thought it gave us ‘My Activity’ site.

    A number of channels, information sources, link sources and device mediums are getting introduced and Google needed to find a way to control the data that is flowing across channels and mediums and put all that together at one place for the user. That’s why Google launched My Activity site to track your searches across channels and mediums and fetch that information back to you.

    There are two viewing formats available in My Activity site.

    Bundle View: The results are views in a bundled manner with a drop-down extension of the activities.
    Item View: Item view just shows you the snippets of the activities.

    Both the views are in the timeline card format.

    Other Activity Categories to view the Timeline in My Activity

    • Location History wise .
    • Device Information wise.
    • Google Play Sound Search History wise.
    • YouTube “not interested” Feedback wise .

    You can control the activity for better data and information control

    • Web & App Activity.
    • Location History.
    • Device Information.
    • Voice and Audio Activity.
    • YouTube Search History.
    • YouTube Watch History.

    You can know the details of the each activity or delete any search activity. Also, you can download your past searches. You can control the ad flow, which helps in delivering personalized and relevant ads on the websites and YouTube.

    The information viewed in Google My Activity is not publicly available. It is accessible only by the respective Google account owners.

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