Actionable SEO Techniques that work great in 2019


    SEO is work for getting more traffic to the website by increasing the search ability and ranking of the websites on the search engine pages. There are various techniques which can be adopted for good SEO work and higher ranking of the websites by the best SEO company. Here are the actionable SEO techniques that work great in 2019. These techniques should be considered for achieving the SEO project targets for the websites.

    Titles and descriptions improvement

    Optimization is equally important for getting the clicks on the pages from the users. You will not get traffic until unless customer will not click on the page ranked on the search engine results. To get such clicks and improve the CTR of the websites two main things affect the CTR more.

    a. Title tag

    b. Meta description

    These both are the HTML tags that are shown up in the search engine results. They will impact on ranking and get the clicks for the websites to get traffic on the websites. So you should make them enticing as much possible. You can add power words in the tags, demonstrating the benefits and aligning these with the search intents. Meta titles are always worked for a good SEO to get the ranking higher on the search engine rankings. Try to include powerful keywords in the title related to your contents so that users can find it suitable with the search for which they are looking for.

    Boost under-performing pages

    Sites which has under performer pages will always create some troubles for the getting rankings. You can boost their performance by giving them backlinks internally. Internally backlinks mean links the under-performer pages with the latest pages of the same website. This technique is important for given the aid the flow of authority around the website. Internal link build linking technique also helps to get ranking on the search engines. New pages will give the boost to the old pages through linking internally. To do so you can follow the technique and sequence as mentioned below under

    1. Find the suitable pages which are underperformer within the site
    2. Find the relevant places from which internal links to add to the target pages.

    By adopting this method you will get more suitable chances to perform the page boosting work on the websites.

    Work on the keywords which are used by your competitor

    There are ways to find the right keywords which will help for getting the rankings which are known as

    a. Enter the keyword in the tool

    b. Finding exact keywords which are used by your competitor

    Both the techniques will work here for better rankings on the search engine pages. Always try to find the keywords which are being used by top SEO company in India for SEO projects on the various sites. To find the keywords of the competitors you have to do some research work by entering the details in the tools and monitor the site through the tool.

    Refresh the existing contents

    Refreshing the existing contents will work getting optimizations and attracts the traffic on the website. Contents that used to perform in the search engines well before are easy to give some refreshment to them. Make the contents refreshed and republished them will help to get more ranking and traffic from the search engine results pages. Use of Google analytics tool will help to find the contents which are ranked higher when these were published on the sites.

    Mini blog posts for YouTube

    As we all know about the growth path of the popular video streaming platform nowadays. We are talking about Youtube here. This owned by popular company Google and it will not be going to change for a long time. Here is a simple technique which works gets a higher ranking through SEO. Makes a video for Youtube and while uploading the video on the platform make sure to write the description of 200+ words which contains the keyword as well. It will get ranked on the search engine and will attract the traffic towards the website as well.

    Insert long-tail keywords in title tags

    Always keep in mind if you include only one keyword in the title tag that means you are leaving a lot of traffic from the search engine. You already add the keyword in the post but there is traffic which will come from the title as well. Always make sure to put the long tail keyword in the title tag of post as well it will impact more on the search engines to get a high ranking for the blogs. Long-tail keywords involved much more information which the users normally try to search out on the search engine pages.

    Get topic and keyword ideas from Wikipedia

    Here is a technique which can be applied for the SEO to get the ranking. Take ideas and topics which are not still tapped by any of the competitor and other SEO companies. This is better from keyword planner in other ways. One side keyword only gives the data about the keywords which are already used by competitors as well. The keyword planner gives the very close variations of the seed keywords but gives the details about the relative keywords which are closed to the keyword. Hence to get the ideas more about the keyword you should go through the site named as “Wikipedia”. You will plenty of ideas and other words related to the keyword from here. It gives you much more than the keywords.

    Content length

    As long as Google search engine algorithms are improving it demanding high-quality contents with the length of 1800 words. Long contents help to crush the short content lengths of 300 words. So long posts are impacts more on search engines as they thought that long contents contain the relative information in details for every topic. In-depth contents attract the customers and make them stay with the content for a long time and people tend to share that information with the others. It wills impacts on the searches and ranking of the contents on the search engines. Always try to make content in lengthy and readable condition.

    Creating own keywords

    This will going to be the best techniques and working as from creating their own keywords which will get ranking on the search engines. These are the unique keywords and Google will rank these keywords as they are made by you and no any using these types of keywords. Try to make keywords differently by the cut or join two or more keywords and add them in the posts of the websites. As well when your created keyword will get the popularity you will rank on number one on the search engine rankings.

    Proper image sizes

    Images sizes does matter a lot in the SEO. Best sized images will be ranked higher on the search engine pages as they get the time to upload on search engine pages according to the size. Always ensure to use the images with the appropriate sizes which can suit the requirements of the search engines. Properly sized images will get ranking automatically and help to rank the posts as well. To make the image in the proper size you can use various tools available.

    Activity on the Quora

    As we all know about this popular platform which is named as “Quora”. Read the questions on this and give the answers on Quora and gives the backlinks here for landing on the websites. Research topics related to your pages on the Quora and derive the traffic on the site. Which will helps to get ranking on the Google search engines. With the technology revolutions, you will get more activities on the Quora and it will impact the to drive the traffic on the websites. And with appropriate information on the posts sites will get ranking on the search engine pages.

    So these are the techniques that will be used by the best SEO service provider in the coming years. With the revolution in technology and more and more features will be added in the search engine algorithms will help more to get ranked on the search engines pages. You should track these techniques for your posts and this can be achieved with the making a checklist on these techniques to get the tracking of these techniques. It will help analyze the data and takes reasonable actions for improvements.

    While writing posts these techniques will impact the ranking factors in coming years as everyone is involved in the SEO techniques and Google algorithms also working to deliver the best quality content to the users from the available crowd on the search engines. All these are the actionable SEO techniques will do great work for the ranking factors. You can follow these with the consideration in mind the subject parts for the SEO work.

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