8 Things Most People Get Wrong About SEO


    SEO stands for search engine optimization and obviously, most of you know it very well. Here we have gathered some myths or misconceptions of SEO that generally gives nightmare to many webmasters or people who have outsourced their projects to any SEO company of the individual. It is advised that if you have no idea about the SEO, then consult with the best SEO service provider. Get your facts right with this article and start your SEO campaign with new confidence.

     SEO is a scheme

    People who have little knowledge of SEO thinks that it is a kind of mysterious thing that getting hard day by day. It is not like one can simply build few links get to number one position in search engine.

    Today there are lots of versions of implementing an SEO. Two people’s SEO can’t be same and this is one of the biggest things which makes SEO bit complicated. If you take advice from two SEO experts on your project then you will get two completely different opinions, plans or suggestions.

    So why this happens? First of all know that Google is working too hard to make its algorithm strong and unbeatable. Earlier it is easy to fool Google but not today.

    Google never discloses about its algorithm completely despite gives little hints so that webmasters can speculate what Google wants.

    Many experts use some methods or you can say some tricks to rank in Google, for instance, changing in design, content, layout etc. can affect the ranking. Yes, it is true but partially.

    To rank any site Google uses more than 200 factors. However how many factors Google is using to rank sites is never officially revealed by Google. It is just efforts of some top SEO Gurus.

    Don’t get too much confusion if you are struggling with ranking then simply know that your site content to services is not the up to the mark. It would be better if you hire an SEO professional who will guide you on things where your site is lacking.

    Know that today there is no shortcut to get ranking, one need to follow all the guidelines.

    Ranking First on Google All That Matters

    We all want to see our keywords ranking on top. Yes that’s all we want from our SEO campaign, right?

    Well if your answer is yes then you might be going to the wrong way. Yes, it is true the keywords on top matters a lot but apart from it, there are tons of things which we need to consider to ensure our SEO campaign running towards the right direction.

    There are various kinds of metrics and key performance indicators or KPIs which you need to check. Here are some SEO metrics which you need to check on regularly:

    • Organic traffic by landing pages and location
    • Organic bounce rate by landing page
    • Organic conversion rate by landing page, device, browser and location
    • Top exit pages for organic traffic
    • Breakdown of organic traffic from Google, Bing and other search engines
    • Keywords ranked in Google
    • Local visibility
    • Click Through Rate (CTR) by landing pages and top keywords
    • Pages indexed in Google Search Console
    • Pages crawled per day
    • Duplicate titles and descriptions
    • Crawl errors

    Algorithm Keeps Changing

    One of the major concerns of anyone is algorithm keeps changing and it is difficult to make changes every time. If you have in SEO for past 5 to 7 years then no one can better understand this. So where is the actual problem?

    Most of us woke up when any algorithm rolled out and there is nothing wrong in it as 90% of people doing the same.

    As above mentioned Google keep updates it algorithm to provide better and quality results to users.

    In this, if you keep waiting for the next algorithm to come and then work according to it then know that you are wasting lots of resources and time.

    As you know that Google asks for quality so better you focus on quality then no matter whether its content, design, layout, links and other things.

    See if you are using any black or grey hat SEO technique to get ranking then soon Google will roll out an update for it. Now you have to again start almost from the bottom of mid.

    If you hire an experienced SEO expert then he will provide only quality work that will last long without any fear. He can easily figure out what tactics will never be banned by Google.

    Google keep tiring to remove all tactics that webmasters are using to manipulate ranking. Give your SEO team a clear instruction, not to use any kind of tactics which promise quick ranking as it may work for you currently but in future it has no use.

    Note down one more thing, most of the sites get penalized by manual actions which mean real people check your site and decide whether it is up to the mark or not.

    Small Investment in SEO Gives You Better Return

    This is one of the biggest misconceptions among people. As most of us know that SEO takes time to get results we hesitate to spend extra on SEO to avoid risk.

    Here you need to understand. It is not like if you spend more than you will get the extra link for your site. To achieve such thing many people spend a lot and ask their SEO company to build hundreds of link in a week or month which is technically wrong.

    SEO is not just about link building, but there are tons of more things which fall under SEO.

    A wise SEO expert will never start link building in bulk instead he will increase the quality level link. Moreover, he will concentrate on other things to get better ranking like quality content, internal link structure, the design of the site, above fold content, social media, email marketing and more.

    You can start the SEO of your site with a small budget, but try to spend more on it as it promises you to give a better return on investment.

    SEO is Too Complicate to Understand

    Yes, it is, but there is no harm in learning about basic SEO. We are not saying that learn the SEO and start implementing yourself. Well, it sounds great but leaves it to professionals at it is not as easy as it sounds.

    It is easy to understand what SEO is and how to implement in just a couple of hours but when you try to understand more it gets more complicated.

    If you still decide to learn the advance level of SEO then its really great but know that alone you can’t do anything for your site.

    So what is the point of learning the SEO? Well, we are saying this so you can keep checking whether your project is going in the right direction or not. If you learn SEO for this sole reason, then you can get most from your site.

    There are many companies who make their clients fool as SEO takes a long time meanwhile company keep charging them by showing basic SEO work.

    When you have knowledge then the company can’t make your fool. Now if you hired any genuine SEO company then no doubt people who are handling your project are much more experienced.

    Here all you need to do is just raise a question. If they are able to convince you with valid reason then you are with the right company but if they sound fishy and time to move on.

    Link Building is Spam

    A few years backlink building is one of the biggest parts of any SEO campaign. It is still important, but the only difference is quantity.

    Earlier ranking depends on how many backlinks you make in a day. If you make 50 to 100 backlinks in a day, then you could easily rank in a week, but today the whole scenario has changed.

    Today, if you make such number of backlinks then Google will kick you out as soon it will find you doing such practice.

    Today quality link building matters a lot. Quality simply won over quantity. Link building doesn’t mean that you start building any random link.

    An SEO expert will first make sure that your site will not point to any irrelevant site.

    The Process is Same

    The process is never the same. As told above two person’s SEO can’t be never same. It depends on the level of the SEO experts.

    Yes if you overlook on task, then you can find it same, but when you start to analyze deeply, then you will come to know various things for instance type of keywords being used, some quality links, relevant links and more.

    Know that years of experience never guarantees you better SEO. Say one person is in SEO industry for ten years, but the problem is he never updates himself.

    On the other side, there is a person who has three years of experience, but the updates and knows how sites are actually working in the search engine.

    Who do you want to hire? Apparently the second one, right?

    If you have any question in your mind regarding SEO, then feel free to ask us. Moreover, if you want to hire an SEO professional then our team can prove fruitful to you.

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