7 Ways To Make Google Index Your New Website


    Alleviate your business presence online via a website for which you need Google to rank your website well and for that you first have to make Google index your website. Google indexing of a website means getting your website in the Google Database. And, Google does that when it starts crawling your website. And, crawling is done when Google Finishes the Scanning!

    Scanning Crawling Indexing = Website Submitted in the Database Your website is Ready to Roll!

    In the scanning process, Google checks the website on some particular standards. You have to prepare your website for the scanning process. Here’s what you need to do.

    Google Webmaster Tool
    Google Webmaster Tool tells you what your website is missing to make it fit for Google. It points every error that comes in its way adhering Google Guidelines. Fix the errors that Google Webmaster suggests. XML Sitemap is submitted in Google Webmaster Tool.

    Fetch as Google tool
    For instant indexing of new website pages, use Fetch as Google Tool in Google Webmaster. Just add the URL of the newly made page and it will be crawled, indexed instantly.

    XML Sitemap
    XML Sitemap is a file containing all the URLs of your website. Search engines get to know about the URLS, and pages on your website through an XML file. Creating an XML file means you are preparing a path for the search engine to crawl your website. Once an XML file is created, the search engine will crawl your website after auto-defined intervals of time.

    Robot.txt is another text file that tells the search engines specifically which files/pages to index and which ones to not. Use this very carefully as a little mistake in this file can stop Google from crawling your whole website.

    High-Quality Inbound Links
    Google Loves the websites that are organically promoted and popular. Websites having high-quality backlinks are crawled, indexed more often because Google keeps on returning to such websites for new and updated content.

    Off-Page SEO
    Good quality inbound links will be generated if the content submitted in the Off-Page SEO is good.

    Social Sharing
    Social sharing is for the Search engines that specifically track social lyrics signals. Doing that will accelerate the indexing process. Plus, this will build a social circle.

    Each of the above-mentioned points plays its part in indexing your website regardless of website’s or domain’s age.

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