6 Reasons Why Your Social Media Strategies Fail?


    Do you know that social networks are important to achieve success in the virtual world, right? Of course, I do! We are in the 21st century and almost everyone has an account on a social network. Well, at least 73% of adults have it.

    If you are not generating conversations, new subscribers and money, it means what you are doing is not working. The best SEO Service providerfollows some strategies to enhance the sale of the business.

    But just because you’re on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Pinterest does not mean your success is guaranteed. Even if you have a good amount of fans, likes or followers, it does not mean that your digital marketing or social media strategy is working.

    Establishing a social media strategy involves more than publishing an update informing people that a new product or service is on offer. It goes beyond sharing relevant information. A social media strategy succeeds when you are able to engage and engage with your target audience. For this purpose right you can hire the best SEO company as well to increase the profit rate.

    If it’s simple, then why are so many social media strategies unsuccessful? Most likely, you are committing one of the errors that we will describe below. But do not worry, these mistakes are easy to amend.

    The values do not fit

    It is not worth mentioning that your business must already have a list of fundamental values. If you do not have it, how can you explain the mission of your company to the public? A strategy in social networks for companies will bear fruit if you have already established a mission, vision, deadlines and brand image, at least this area.

    Everything you do or want to achieve in social networks should be based on the values ​of your company. This not only guides the content you publish and your business goals in social networks, but also should generate any promotion about your brand because you have already identified your target audience and are aware of their wants and needs.

    So, if you open a restaurant that only serves organic food, explains to your potential customers why you opened the restaurant. You are not doing it just because it is a business that is fashionable, you do it because people are not eating healthy and you want to change that, at least in your region. Share your content and explain why organic food is healthy and what your menu offers diners.

    There is no record

    What is it worth to create something great when nobody is going to see it?

    A campaign on social networks demands perseverance. Nor does it consist of talking only about quality and useful information for your audience. We are constantly talking about sharing your content. But, when and how often do you update the states?

    Unfortunately, there is no correct answer. It depends on your business and clients. This is where you can take a little research, how to find important people in a search tool in social networks. You could use  SocialBro or hastags.org  to find more information for your audience, such as fashion themes.

    You should also know when people connect to social networks. For example, you could send 14 tweets a day, from midnight to 10 p.m., which would have to be distributed during the day so that the accounts of your followers do not get saturated. The reason why you should publish throughout the day is in case you have a worldwide audience, so you should schedule publications at 2 a.m.

    Make sure to be consistent, try using tools such as HootSuite, Buffer or SproutSocial, which program your publications and host all your accounts in one place. It would not be bad if you create an editorial calendar, which you can create in a program like Excel. An editorial calendar keeps you organized and well addressed as it contains deadlines, keywords, content format, calls to attention and statuses. And it has the ability to double your ROI (return on investment).

    Confusion about how social networks really work

    A common mistake is not understanding that all social networks are different. For example, Facebook is cool because it is the most frequented and trusted. But maybe it does not fit with your business. The strategist in social networks: “I think social networks are a great tool, but many people who say they do not work, do not really know how to use them correctly.

    People don’t concentrate where their market is. Before starting anything online, you have to make a strategy line to go to your target market. By spending time identifying your target audience, editing a message or choosing the right social network, you can save a lot of time, energy and frustration. I am sure that many people who have failed to use social networks did not spend the necessary time plotting their strategy. “

    Returning to the example of the organic restaurant. This business should focus more on an image platform like Instagram or Pinterest because those are the places where food lovers go to share photos and interact. But a law firm would not benefit from being on Pinterest. Users of that social network are not there to see photos of a law firm, they want help information.

    A final example would be that they would not be concentrating on older people in social networks, although this is the group with the most growth in them.

    Once again, it’s about finding out who your audience is and where they spend more time. Doing this in time will determine which social network you should focus on. This does not take long, you can start reviewing stats, you can use Pew Research, a program that divides demographics into social networks; or you can simply ask your current customers.

    Simply invest an extra time understanding which social network is the most effective to reach your target audience.

    Same content

    Content, content, content. That’s what you always hear when it comes to a social media strategy. This is because the content forms a large part of your campaign. But if everyone writes and shares content, why would people share, comment or like yours if it’s the same as everyone else’s?

    When you generate content, try to be unique. At least your ideas must be adapted to your audience. What you want is that you put more emphasis on content aimed at your audience. For example, the restaurant that we talked about above wants to create an article more or less like this: “10 Reasons why you should consume organic food”. Yes, this article goes to the point and works for the business, but this has already been done on other occasions.

    Instead, reduce this issue to something like “10 reasons why Miraflores should consume organic food.” It’s the same, but it focuses on the people who live around the restaurant. This is better than paying someone to write or generate content that has already been published hundreds, thousands or millions of times.

    Screams and Deafness

    When you use a social network you can not promote your product or service all the time. People are going to disconnect from your account if all you do is launch offers. Why? Because that is not the point of a social network. It’s about conversations and interaction.

    Instead of shouting at your audience, take the time to listen to it. This can be as easy as asking for feedback or comments on a post from you. When you really listen to them in a social environment, you will better understand their likes and dislikes, and at the same time you will get information about what they would like to see.

    When you understand your audience, you can generate content of your liking… content that they can share. That’s better than spending resources on content that will not get more attention.

    Lack of Monitoring and Measurement

    However, all the previous examples are reduced to monitoring and measurements in your social networks. Even if you have already identified your audience and the appropriate social network to share your message, you need to continue to monitor the effectiveness of your content.

    For example, you realize that Facebook is the best social network for your brand; But, how good is your campaign on that network? How many likes or diffusion does the content you generate have? Do people leave comments? Do you receive money or do you have new subscribers thanks to your Facebook content?

    It is important that you answer these questions. If not, you are prone to create and promote content that does not attract any attention from your audience, which translates as a waste of time and resources.

    The best way to discover this information is through the use of tools such as HootSuite, Klout, Social Mention, Twitter Analytics, Facebook Insights or Keyhole. These tools measure your success in social networks, increase your ROI .


    As we know that success in social networks does not come overnight, but is a process where you must invest time and effort. At, IndeedSEO, you can find a top digital marketing agency with a great team of social network professionals to make your brand recognized in the virtual world. Do not hesitate and leave your virtual cargo in the hands of the experts.

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