5 Social Media Marketing Myths Busted!


    The information flow on the internet about Social Media Marketing travel at the speed of light. And, service providers to match that speed are just researching on the similar tips and pitching similar offerings and services to the clients. We are listing most common pitches written under social media marketing tips and social media marketing benefits that are not actually true! And clients are clouded by seeing these tempting tips and benefits.

    1. More the Followers, More the Success
    The follower count is not that important, but marketers are still pitching and fooling the uninitiated the clients. Followers, fans, can be increased within a week, by buying points and fetching fake likes. The count will look good, but if your twitter followers are 3k and none of the followers re-tweet or like your posts, anyone can get suspicious. It happens because they are not genuine followers and not interested in your products or services. Do increase followers, but only genuine followers. Increased fake followers only serve as a meat for the new followers. The new visitors are impressed by the number of followers. This is the only benefit, nothing else.

    2. Genuine Fans, Followers Will Come Automatically
    Posting good quality content on the page is not enough to increase likes. Regular posting is there to feed only those people who liked your page. What about the people who are not on the page? What you are doing to reach them? Are you thinking that people who liked you page will share the content? Are you relying only on that probability to increase likes? Remember, the page posting is there to keep the page updated and supply information to the audience. Group sharing, community sharing and commenting, are tasks that fetch you, new followers.

    3. Social Media Marketing is Free
    Another easily thrown phrase in the internet marketing town is that Social Media Marketing is Free. They say that apart from the marketer’s fee, no investment is needed. It’s not true completely. Regular posting, commenting, sharing, replying does need time investment and if these efforts aren’t working for you, you got to take the paid advertisement path. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and YouTube all offer paid ads on their respective channels.

    4. Each Platform is Equally Important
    That’s also not completely true. Not all platforms are equally valuable to every company. IndeedSEO Social Media Experts can tell you as per your target audience and business niche, top social media platforms for your business’ promotion. So, you can focus your efforts and money only on those platforms that can generate good results for you in less time.

    5. Immeasurable Results
    The progress of each social media platform is measurable. Each platform offers an insight view to track the progress of your efforts. Likes, Fans, Followers, Post Reach, Most popular post, best timings to post everything is available. And, this data is very useful in making the future plan for the for social media marketing.

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