5 Mistakes to Avoid to Attract More Leads to Your Site


    You noticed a drop in activity on your site? Worse, despite the many visits, you can not attract few prospects? Do not panic! If your site generates traffic, you have already taken an important step.

    In addition to the click-through rate, it is important to consider the conversion rate in the balance. A reader who clicks on the “buy” icon is a loyal and convinced visitor of your value.

    A site that attracts few prospects, it is not a failure, but a job to deepen. Let’s take a look at the 5 big mistakes to avoid to generate qualified leads to your website.

    Error # 1: The content of your site does not solve a defined problem

    A subject that we will discuss again and again in the future: the content of your site. Interesting and quality content gives real added value to your entire site. No matter what advertising you do around your site, if the content is not interesting enough, it will be almost impossible to retain your readers to your site. You will understand, it is the key element of your marketing strategy!

    Above all, know that the content of your site must have a goal, a specific goal. When writing your article, you need to know who you are talking to, and why you are addressing the subject.

    Every day, Internet users type millions of requests in search engines. How to write a relevant article? Or How to sew a button? Going through Why my dog is hyperventilating? The queries are many and varied. By identifying the needs of Internet users, and especially your targets, you can only increase the click-through rate, and perhaps even the conversion rate! To find the most relevant and searchable phrases, feel free to use Google’s keyword planning tool .

    If your content responds to users’ requests, it is because you are trying to meet their needs. And here is the key to increasing the conversion rate. Think about it: if your content does not meet a need or solve a problem, will users really have an interest in reading your articles? Do you really think that your site will mark the spirits?

    No trick to give, or no answer to the questions of your readers, your articles will quickly lose their value and gradually users will ask the same question: Does this site really brings me something? Not only will you not be able to generate leads, but you could also increase the bounce rate of your site. Which may prove to be a bad sign for its durability. I invite you to take a look at the article: understand what Internet users want.

    However, a high bounce rate is not necessarily bad. The user can come on the page, have the content that pleases him from the beginning of your article and leave as early. It usually depends on the theme.

    Remember that if the content of your site does not meet the needs, it will not be searched in the search engines. To avoid this, put yourself in the place of your future readers: what could I search on the search engines to find THE site that will meet my needs? The alternatives are multiple; “How to…” or “what’s the best…” are commonly used phrases that you could use for your article titles.

    If your title matches the most common searches like “how to increase the number of visitors to my site”, then you’re more likely to reach people and maybe even turn them into leads!

    Error # 2: Your site does not stand out from other sites in your domain

    I’m probably not the first to tell you that it’s important that your site has a lot of content. Remember that this is not your site, but each page of your site that is referenced, so the more content you have, the more likely you are to be referenced on Google. You see what I mean? Your visibility is growing, it will be much easier to find you in the search results.

    In order for the pages on your site to stand out from the others, it is important to respect different points:

    • Take a different approach from other sites dealing with the same subject. Be original, unique! The reader must remember your site more than another.
    • Give further information that shows that you are well informed on the subject. The more complete your posts, the more valuable they will be to readers AND to Google. The long content tends to increase the visibility and convert!
    • Update your information constantly. Please note that Google considers your site to be relevant if it is regularly updated. So you will have a double benefit: you will appear more credible in the eyes of your reader and there will be no risk that your site is considered outdated.

    Feel free to use Google Trends to make a relevant link between your article and a recent event. You will be more likely to be better positioned in the SERPs.

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    Error # 3: Your website is not loading fast enough

    The poor optimization of your website can have many repercussions on its overall health and may indeed reduce your chances of having new prospects.

    Bounce rates are typically high on web pages with long load times. Indeed, tired, impatient, visitors leave very quickly your site near having visited a single page. Not only will this significantly impact your search engine rankings, but you will also have little chance of converting visitors into leads.

    There are 57% of visitors leaving a page if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. 80% of these visitors say that they do not come back to the site anymore afterward. Difficult to increase the conversion rate in this case…

    Another more concrete example, in 2015, Etam publishes a statement in which it is explained that the average loading time of the pages of the website has been reduced from 1.2s to 500 ms. Result: the conversion rate has increased by 20%

    Put the odds on your side to increase the conversion rate of your site! Feel free to evaluate the loading time of your pages with tools like GTmetrix.

    Also, consider adapting your site to mobile browsing. Why? Think about the routine of your surroundings. Coffee break, waiting room, and even to the bathroom! We are constantly connected on our smartphones. In 2016, 50.7% of French people were connected daily to the internet via a smart phone. This number keeps growing!

    From now on, a site not adapted to the mobile navigation is a site which massively loses visitors, and consequently, potential prospects. If you want to test the compatibility of your site with a mobile device (smartphone, tablet…), I advise you to use the Google Mobile-Friendly tool. Google has also announced that a site slow to load on mobile lost its status of mobile compatibility, which has a very negative effect on your SEO.


    When you see your bounce rate go up, or your conversion rate go down, do not panic! Review each aspect of your site and detect the error.

    Encourage your visitors to continue browsing by inviting them to read “a similar article”, include testimonials from people who have used your services on your site, push your new visitors to leave you their contact information.

    In short, be active! Each article published, each call to action will bring a share of authenticity and credibility to your site.

    Always have a tendency to innovate in your marketing strategy: it is the best way to attract potential prospects!

    Opportunities to increase your conversion rate are multiple! It’s up to you to assess the needs of your visitors and make it a stepping stone to success.

    Finally, remember that for optimal visibility and therefore an effective conversion rate, it is important to have content with powerful keywords. Think about social proofs too!

    I hope this article will help you. And if you seek help regarding SEO for your website then visit IndeedSEO.

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