5 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Every SEO Expert Should Track


    Tracking the rankings/standings is good for SEO experts, but that is not the only metric parameter you should track. Tracking one metric for all your efforts…

    • Wouldn’t Generate Accurate Results.
    • Won’t Help Is Making SEO Plans For The Future.
    • Won’t Point Out The Areas You Are Lacking.

    Expand your metric tracking from one metric to multiple metrics
    Key Metrics or Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Apart from Keyword Ranking you as an SEO expert should track are:

    1. Conversion Tracking
    Based on your inbound methodology, identify a number of clicks, downloads, subscriptions. Knowing these numbers you can run A/B testing of your practices.

    2. Organic Search Traffic
    SEO’s soul purpose is to get organic traffic using white hat SEO techniques. See who is visiting your website using which keyword on which operating system and via which search engine. This will help you refresh your keyword vault.

    3. Bounce Rate
    Tracking those who are visiting your website is an incomplete approach. Tracking the time spent by a single user on the website is a complete approach. This way, you get to know where you are lacking. Use On-Page optimization techniques to keep the visitor stay longer on your page and spend more time.

    4. Page Speed
    Bounce rate and page speed go hand-in-hand.
    Heavy Page lower Page Speed Heavy Bounce Rate
    Light pageHigher Page Speed Lower Bounce Rate
    So, optimize the web pages for higher speeds otherwise efforts made in Off-Page SEO will go waste and user won’t come back on the website.

    5.Inbound Links
    An SEO work report is incomplete without the list of inbound links that are results of your off-page SEO. Not all links are generated via Off-Page SEO tasks. If the content quality is good, you will get inbound links from others as a source or reference. When tracking Inbound Links, don’t go for the quantity, go for the quality.

    These are the basic Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). There’s much more in SEO performance tracking. Know all of these and boost your Off-Page SEO performance after consulting IndeedSEO’s SEO Experts.

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