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    To attract new customers and retaining the existing customers both are important for the website. To grab the attention of new clients on websites you must fulfill the intended requirements of clients who are visited the website and that is possible when the website ranks on the search engine. So here are 20 important tips followed by the best SEO company in India that makes SEO work for the website to get rankings on the search engines.

    Structure of the website should clear and up to date:- This is important for your visitors and SEO how you organize a website’s architecture and way of navigation. All the pages and sub pages will be indexed easily by search engine crawls if the website is structured well. Good navigation of the website helps clients to find them easily for what they came on the website in the least possible time.

    Primary keywords in the URL of page: – Web pages of the websites ranked on the various keywords. It is always recommended that you should use one keyword phrase and put that keyword directly in the URL.

    Use of hyphens (-) in URLs: – By the experts, it is always recommended that you should use hyphens (-) within the URL names. Do not try to use the underscores within the text as the crawls of Google cannot understand these underscores. For example, if you write the phrase as the_best_seo_practice it will be treated as “thebestseopractice”. Which is hard to read by the crawls hence that is important to write phrases properly.

    Keep the address of URL brief, descriptive, relevant: – Always keep the URL address brief, descriptive and relevant. Try to choose the option as edit a URL address yourself. It will work for SEO and makes easier for the users to understand what they can find on a particular website.

    A title tag for every single page of the website: – Title tags are important as they describe your domain for what the domain is all about. The title tag is a short sentence in which you describe your online space. The title will show on all SERP, social media, external pages, and in browsers as well. To attract the attention of those people who are the target audience for your title tag should be short, catchy and original.

    Use of Meta description: – Meta descriptions are an important part of the website page. These are for use of presenting the brand in a better way on the SERP. A meta description is a short paragraph that is displayed under a title tag. It allows you to describe your brand in a better way before the user visits your site. The optimal length of the Meta description is 150-160 characters always try to make Meta description with the characters limit.

    ALT attributes for all of the images: – Images are an important part of the content. They visualize the situation among the users. But in case of SEO search engines are not read images, instead of images they read ALT text. ALT attributes help the engine crawls to understand the meaning of the image in a better way and for what the image is there. Try to make ALT attributes with keywords in the text surrounds the images. These ALT attributes help to the crawls for finding the images with content again the intent of the user.

    Keyword research: – Keywords play an important role in the content. They help search engines for finding pages on the website against the search by any user on search engines. For that keyword research is an important part. It includes the search of keywords that are put by the users in the search bar of search engines to find the relevant information for which they are searching out. Keyword research planner tools are available for finding the best keywords for the website. Choose the most relevant keywords to your content and put these keywords within the content.

    Mixing of different keyword: – Different types of keywords should be used within the content to grab the attraction of traffic from the search engines. There are three main types of keywords used for the contents which are Generic, Broad match and Long tail keywords. You should use all these keywords mixed within the content.

    Placement of keywords: – Placements of the keywords is so important along with the importance of keywords. On the website, not every spot will give the same exposure and SEO power. The best places to put the keywords are headlines, subheadings, and bolded sections. Also, it is important to put the main keywords within the name of your website’s section.

    Put keywords naturally within the content: – Stuffing of keywords is important as much as research is important. Always make sure that you do not stuff the content with so many keyword phrases as this practice will make difficulties for the crawls and users. So use the keywords with proper stuffing practices so that content gets the ranking on search engines.

    For optimizing the page try to focus on one keyword: – It is always good to optimize the web page on one keyword phrase rather than optimization on several keywords at one time. Focusing on a single keyword makes you sure that the page will get all SEO power to get rank. Keyword for images optimization:- Keywords not only help to get ranking within the content but also help to optimize the images. Always use keywords to optimize the images by putting the keywords within the descriptions of the images as being performed by top SEO companies.

    Performance tracking of keywords: – You just stop doing SEO work for the website if you do not follow the search engine rankings for the website and don’t know the position of a particular keyword in search engines. Web optimization is a long term process and should work on all keywords by checking the positions of keywords and improve the performance of those keywords.

    Publishing of high quality, fresh content which is keyword rich: – Content of the website is an important factor for SEO nowadays. Search engines will rank higher your content in SERP if you provide useful information for users within the content. Try to update the content as often as possible to make the website a fresh look.

    Make sure to keep content unique and valuable: – This is the hardest job for any expert to keep the website stand out in-depth on the internet. A site that contains the information unique and valuable will gain more exposure in SERP. Websites that contain unique and valuable information will get rank higher on search engines.

    Appealing content: – Always prepare the content by considering your target audiences to serve them better. Every piece of content will not interesting for every user on the website. So create content which fulfills the needs of the users.

    Content should easy to read: – As the uniqueness of the content is important it is also important that the content of the website should be readable. People tend to scan the content rather than read it from start to end. That’s why providing a clear structure to content is important. Use real-life examples and infographics will help to illustrate the information in a better way.

    Build healthy backlinks: – Backlinks are an important SEO factor that creates an impact on the ranking of websites. Make a strategy to plan the use of backlinks and plan which link building strategy will work better for your website. A good start is considered when you pick trusted and relevant websites to receive the backlinks.

    Avoid investing in sponsored links: – It always recommended that focus on reaching the authoritative blogs and provide them value and avoid paid links to your website. It’s always far better to find a respected blog or media which relates to your niche and present your extensive expertise on a particular subject. Remember that real value always generates traffic, follower engagement, and backlinks. Spending money to get sponsored links will be a wastage of money as well as wastage of time.

    Social media presence: – Making a strong presence on social media platforms can increase the traffic to the website and built a reputation. There will be more chance of sharing the contents by the people if your contents are more visible on social media platforms. So make social media presence strong by creating visible content and get the chance to share the content by people via blogs, forums, social bookmarking websites and other avenues and it will naturally increase your link profile.

    Taken care of all these points will work on SEO to grab the better rankings on search engine pages. You can follow these points and make your online presence more strong by attracting the new users on the website as well as retain the existing users by providing them some value. You can consult the best SEO companies in India to get effective and desired results. 

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