16 Actionable Content Marketing Tips to Drive High Traffic


    Content Marketing is growing very fast these days and there are more than 500 million blogs on the internet including 1.6 billion websites but half a billion recognized as blogs. With the help of great marketing, content marketing has become saturated and is less effective in 2019 as it was a decade ago. In this case, you need to hire the best SEO companies in India so that you can get the latest ideas and techniques to enhance your content marketing services.

    Well, if you don’t leverage content marketing you will not only be missing out on a lot of leads, but you will also be swallowed up by the competition that knows how to leverage it effectively.

    There are numerous ways to improve content marketing strategies. In this article, we are going to give some insider tips so that your content marketing services can bring more traffic to your website. Before going further, first discuss more it.

    What is content marketing?

     There are several content marketing definitions available on the internet.

    Content marketing is the simple process of creating unique content for the purpose of increasing your web traffic, getting more customers, enhance your sales and improve your brand visibility.

    Take a moment and think about what does the Internet actually offers to people – it’s various types of content through different channels such as websites, social networks, email, apps, forums, etc.

    Content Marketing makes this kind of communication more official. In the same words,  rather than just publishing content on the web without any purpose, you need to create and distribute content to fulfill the particular objectives.  The top SEO companies in India offer content marketing services as well for you if you are unable to do so.

    What is Content?

    In terms of content marketing, content is everything that you published on the web.

    What are the advantages of content marketing?

    Content marketing has huge advantages to offer for the online business  as it has more power to drive more traffic.

    In particular the benefits of content marketing are:

    1. Get more targeted visits from Search Engines – Good and creative content help you to get more and more traffic for your website from the search engines.

    2. More visits from Social Media –  Good content has great demand and every wants to share it on the social media as it can generate more website traffic.

    3. Increase User engagement – User engage with good content by providing comments, reviews, and ratings.

    4. Unique Content -Good quality content is the building block of SEO. Websites that combines good content with proven copywriting tips are better off than websites that don’t have good content.

    Promoting great content is one of the best ways to encourage your brand and online reputation. It helps to promote your brand awareness and visibility.

    5. More conversions – Good content can produce more leads and sales.

    Some major tips for better and unique content writing are as follow:

    1. Start with Quality Keyword Research

    According to the content production strategy, you must have an editorial calendar as well. There is a number of tools that helps to create great calendars. For instance, you can use built-in templates .

    If you are planning for something for your next write up, then turn to the keyword research. With the help of it, you can find an endless supply of ideas from doing keyword research and your well-planned articles can help you to drive more traffic.

    When you research well for the keywords, it will give you the best results and ensure that articles that you are going to write over these keywords will bring good traffic to your website. You will feel greater when the audience shows good interest in your work, Since the keywords you focus on rank so highly, someone out there is searching for them. That means people want to read about these topics.

    Keyword research

    There are various online tools also available for keyword research. Google Keyword Planner is one from them.

    This paid service is a standard among marketers, but it’s far from your only option. There’s plenty of free keyword research tools out there if your company can’t find room in the budget for this area of content marketing innovation.

    2.  Improve your Headline- Writing Skills

    Do Many people think what lies in the Headline? Well, just everything

     A headline tells someone that all they need to know about your article. If they like and understand underline then, they will proceed further. Actually headline is everything that decides the success of article. Moreover, the headline should be interesting and catchy to wow more and more customers.

    Here are some other tips you should use if you’re not already:

    Don’t describe everything in the headline

     If you can tempt people to click by ending a headline with an ellipsis, this creates a sense of mystery. The customer wants to know the rest of what you’ve insinuated, so they read the blog post.

     Ask interesting questions

    An offbeat question will displeasure a reader’s curiosity and get them out of the mood to click. Get a little negative. This may seem counterintuitive, but research proves it works. By using words like “worst” or “never” in your headlines, you can see more engagement with your content. Just don’t be too negative, as no one likes reading upsetting, depressing content all the time.

    Use keywords in the headline

    Sometimes keywords research pays you well. If your keyword fits in your blog post title naturally, then include it there. Trace the more traffic by doing so.

    3. Expert in Storyteller

    Never forget that “Content is King” and everything evolves around to it while promoting your content.

    What does it depict?  It simply defines that creative and unique always attract more visitor and your traffic will automatically increase.

    Your blogs and articles always plot a story. These posts work as a storyteller, so whenever you are planning something to write, plot a draft for it so that you can write well-organized content.

    4. Engage with Latest and Forever Content

    People love to read unique and forever content. Evergreen content is just like trees and plants that provide oxygen to us throughout the year. It works similar with Evergreen content.

    It is helpful to generate interesting and huge traffic to your website after it has been published.

    Here are a few pointers for creating Evergreen content:

    1.  Try to keep things unique and original as possible.

    2.  Do not focus on trending and time-focused information.

    3.  Information should be precise and to-the-point but should be true.

    4.  Always choose those topics that people searched the more

    5. Update your blog section on a regular basis.

    It is always better idea not to choose the time- focused information that changes according to the time.  It is always appreciable to write about a huge political event but is for the time being. Next year no one is going search for it.

    Everything from how-to guides to fact sheets and lists is considered evergreen content.

    5.  Write for Readers, not for Search Engines

     This is not as much difficult as many people think.  We have heard it numbers of times that “ I am writing for my audience and for the Search Engine simultaneously”.

    Yes, many can do it for SEO purposes. It is important for the visitor to your site.

     It is all about writing for your audience and knowing that hoe to use the keywords to drive more traffic on your website.

    SEO helps the search engines to understand what your websites is focusing on. Mainly it represents to the website for the user who it thinks will help to find your content.

    But the worst thing you can do is writing for a machine! People need to connect with what you are saying.

    If you only focus on SEO, then you are doing yourself a disservice. Always write for your readers first and follow up with SEO second.

     6. More Engagement on Social Media Platforms

     There is no platform better than social media for content marketing.

    Whenever visitor visit your website, they will definitely share your content on their social media profile if they find it more interesting and useful.

    The content which people like on social media, they hit like and share button so that it can reach to the more people. Content marketing is a game of exposure.

     Moreover, it is not about just posting the same content on each social media platforms.  You need to make sure that each platform has unique behavior to the concept that you are sharing.

    If you share the same image across Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, you give your audience no reason to like and share your content on all three.

    Whenever you create content for your website, always try to think about how you can share it on social media and what kind of impact it might have.

    7. Stick on the topic

    One of the biggest mistakes that people do is not to stick to the same story in the whole article.  Everything that you create represents your brand identity. Thus, what you produce is directly associate with your business and brand image.

     Let’s suppose you blog is related to the motorcycles but you are writing about the crockery in it is totally wrong.

    It might be that the topic interests you or it might be that you’ve seen it’s a high-performing keyword.

    Thus, everything that you create must be related to your business and website so that your business can be promoted to the next level easily without any difficulty.

     If you are doing the same mistake again and again, people will never take your serious.

    8. Long form content

    Search engine loves the long length content than anything else. This is content that has a word count of above 1,200 words. It is also true that too much good thing can be bad for you.  As search engine love long-length content, it does not mean that you post 5000 word blog is going to work better as compared to the blog who is 1500 words long.

    There is no hard and fix rule to count the word count.  It is true that post having length less than 800 words rarely featured in the search results.

    That is not to say that it’s not possible. But if you are serious about content marketing, you use every advantage you have available.

    It is also important that information should be unique and impressive so that people can read it without any hassle.

    9. Check Grammatical Errors

    It looks awkward if you cannot provide quality content to your potential customers, Moreover; these silly mistakes are responsible to drop your Google ranking as well.  Google wants to deliver pragmatic results and nothing makes you look less authoritative rather than having more spelling mistakes and huge grammatical errors in the entire content.

    10.  Make your readers as a Priority

    It is really a challenging task to create an informative content.  After years of writing with the goal of the closing sales, it is not easy to get fewer sales due to lack of some marketing skills.

    Be aware of this distinction, and be careful to make informing your readers the priority in all of your content. Today’s consumers are prone to tuning out promotional content, and this could easily ruin your chances of building trust with site visitors. Instead, when you’re marketing your products or services, tell readers what you do, why it’s important, what the advantages are to your company, and how you can help potential customers.

    11. Make some useful connections for your business

    It is good for everyone not is too promotional but you should look for the opportunities to define your products and services where it is relevant.Even if this is simply a link to another page at the bottom of a blog post, keeping visitors on your site beyond the first thing they see is key to converting them into customers.

    12.  Target Measurable Goals

    Along with various marketing strategies, you should have focus on the goals for your site content. SO before making any plans, determine what it is that you hope to complete. Content marketing helps you to set various goals such as

    1. Boost your website traffic           

    2. Attract-first time visitors

    3. Generate more leads

    4. Get more share on the social media

     Therefore, it is the essential guide to figure out which one is the most important for your business.

    13. Monitor your progress

    As you create and publish content on your site, be sure to regularly monitor your progress against your goals. Although it’s easy to simply look at the volume of pages you’ve published and feel like you’ve accomplished something, it’s absolutely necessary to look at whether or not those pages are actually generating results.

    Make checking Google Analytics or another analytics program as a part of your routine, and track the metrics that indicate overall performance. If things are going well, keep doing what you’re doing and if not, use that data to revise your strategy to be more effective.

    14.  It’s not about Quantity

    It is important to your articles for those people who are interested in your writing.  Write something unique so that Google can crawl something unique but should be of high-quality content.

    Look at your resources and adapt accordingly. If you have a small team, I’d argue it’s always better to product smaller amounts of quality content rather than trying to keep the number of articles at a certain level.

    15. Optimize Everything

    Every piece of the content that you write must be optimized for the search engines. Without effective optimization, it is challenging for the search engines to find your content. This will make it harder for the readers to actually find your content, and provide you with the traffic you need.

    16.  Read Analytics Report             

    One of the most important content marketing strategies is to check your analytic reports. You need to check on them and measure what is the working procedure.  Since the reader can change their minds, it helps you to change the way your writing and market your content.  Track the resources of the traffic sources of keywords, links and other connections.  Use the alerts to analyze your information related to the need of the customers.  You can easily find out what things drive them to your website or your competitor’s website.  We help you to develop reports to provide you the valuable information to make better future posts and where you need to start targeting your customers with the creative content.


    In conclusion, creating the right content marketing strategies for your websites will require you to make the right connections. You need to get involved with the influencers who can help you gain visibility in your niche. As you spend time working on getting to know the reader’s mindset and writing content for them versus pitching a product or service to them, you will build loyalty. Building valuable content will weather any storm the search engines wage against. If you do not have better content writing services, you can visit the best SEO companies in India for better results.

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