15 Latest SEO Trends followed by Online Marketing Companies


    Optimization of search engines is constantly evolving and traditional SEO practices are no longer relevant. Nowadays, outsourcing has become one of the important parts of digital marketing and it is continuously growing day by day. The best digital marketing companies are around the clock endeavor. It can be no longer observed as a temporary trend, but a well-recognized marketing technique that uncountable businesses are accepting with marvelous results along the way.

    Let’s jump to the latest SEO Trends to improve the SEO Strategy.

    1. Mobile Optimization

    Globally, mobile browsing is now superior to the desktop. On average, we spend one hour per day browsing our smartphones and tablets.  The minimum loading time of your page on tablet and smartphones avoid a high bounce rate.1.2 billion people  are using the web from their mobile devices these days. Moreover, 80% of all internet users are using a smartphone these days. The Smartphone has become one of the best ways to earn money as lot of mobile traffic that can be converted into leads for a business.

    The Marketing agencies, mainly focus on the mobile first index updates to  boost the traffic. To rank the pages in its search results, Google is primarily focused on the mobile version, a web page before watching the desktop version.  No doubt, this index puts a good impact on the SEO of some websites. You understand why having a mobile-optimized site is even more important with this update.

    2. The AMP

    Mobile optimization is the trend to create new website.In 2016, 600 million Accelerated Mobile Pages were referenced by Google and in 2017 this range reached to 1.5 billion. It is not ending here,  its evolution will continue in the 2018  as well. Since 2015, the US search engine has displayed mobile content with a reduced load time to satisfy its users through Google AMP.

    There are numerous studies that have shown that this format has a huge impact on the click rate, conversion rate, and SEO. It is believed that in 2019, “AMP” theme will gain more momentum in 2019, but not all the website can use it, due to its limitation. The top digital marketing company highly depends upon the loading page of their website.

    3. User Experience

    The user’s experience plays an important role in Search Engine Optimization. Therefore,for this purpose, OnPage optimization should be on the top priority. Users are becoming more and more demanding these days and should be able to rely on your pages beingused in 2019 as well. Therefore website and mobile site should be technically flawless. It is better to avoid Adobe Flash for the better results.

    4. The Quality Content

    Content is the fuel for the internet marketing.  Your regular updated content helps to show up more searches. If content is king than make it your kingdom. Your website is a wrapper of your content. It defines the prospective of your industry and its future needs. It is important to learn that SEO is significant for all of these kinds of content, but only frequently growingfor service-type content. A solid Internet marketing and SEO strategy are also the most scalable ways to promote your business to a wide audience. Always shorten your content and come to the point because  people do not have time to read the large and deep contents. According to the marketing companies reviews,quality of a content plays a vital role to boost traffic of a website.

    5. Video Content

    Videospopularity is growing day by day over the web. It helps to provide the way to entertain them. Almost every social media started publishing videos as a part of the advertisement. People like to watch the video instead of reading the information about the particular ad. Moreover, Google is also trying to implement video ads in the search results. SEO experts have started to provide webinars tutorials and Q&A to streamline users with video type content. Even they have started publishing the short videos just to judge the user’s perceptions regarding the same. If you are hiring SEO experts of digital marketing company listing,theywill  provide informative videos to promote your product and websites.

    6.  Voice Search

    Voice search services make endorsements for organic search results with the help of virtual assistants such as  Google Assistant, Alexa and Siri etc. Optimizing keywords as conversational phrases will lead to long-tail success. In this process, only ranked 1 results become the recommendation. It is easier to get the top position if you match with the conversational phrasing exactly.

    7. Structured Snippets

    It is Google’s first priority to deliver the information to search quickly in the form of search rankings. Now, Google is distributing a marvelous amount of information inside the SERPs with custom widgets directly and organized Snippets. If you have a top-ranked content ranking for high-volume  terms of searches then you may deliver the information to the user without hitting your site.

    8. Google’s Mobile-First Algorithm

    Over the last two years, Google’s focus on mobile is increasing day by day. Although, it is not surprising as the number of mobile users  has risen significantly  and  also exceeds the numbers of desktop users when it comes to the web searches. In 2018, the Mobile First Index has been finally implemented.Google prefers to show the version of a page in the mobile index in the future, which is optimized for mobile devices. It is advised to optimize your website for mobile devices.

    9. Image Search is important:

    In 2017, Google has increased its image search significantly. There are numbers of websites those are still struggling with traffic losses because users no longer have to leave Google to view images and can click their way through them like a picture gallery. Google has set a new trend by improving image search feature.

    10. Social Media Searches:

     Most of the people are using  social media platforms as  search engines. No doubts, search engines are still king, they are transitioning into a secondary platform significantly. With the increase of this trend,  content needs to be optimized for the social media platforms similar as search engine platforms with some extra benefits using organic and paid targeting.

    11.  Filtered out non-credible news articles

    There are many companies  who have been allowed  fake news due to media criticism. Content farms and scammers have played the system and disguised themselves as credible. Search giants will further scrutinize content to prevent such errors in the future. Having a well-written article will no longer be enough. It will have to be supported by other credible sources.

    12. Influencer Marketing And Link Building

    Influencer marketing is highly in demand and in some industries, it’s extremely effective. More than simply creating direct conversions, influencer marketing can actually land many high-level links very quickly and effectively and help a client’s site rank better for their products and services. This is going to be another way for marketers to procure links and increase site authority as a whole. It is the most effective way to link up your content to increase the page view of your site. Aim to include 2-3 links to relevant blog posts or other content in each piece you write. Not only is this great for increasing page views and time-on-site, it’s excellent for user experience and for distributing link equity throughout your site.

    13. Awareness Campaigns

    Advertising campaigns involving print and television no longer have the reach they once did. Rather, awareness campaigns that use blogging, vlogging and social media have come to the forefront. Potential customers will come to associate your brand, products and services with the message you convey. This can be tricky to execute, but they can also be wildly effective.

    14. Quality Over Quantity

    For a long time, SEOs preached that you had to be producing content all the time to enjoy good rankings in Google search. There is a place for that (like building brand authority), but if you’re trying to rank for a highly competitive phrase, short content is not going to cut it. In 2018, businesses should be focused on long-form content coupled with a solid promotion strategy for that content.

    15. Never opt cheapest options

    If you want a good  SEO, there is a certain truth in getting what you pay for.More you pay, more exciting offers you will get. Most of the times, agencies claimed  that they have attained rank #1 for your website, but after Google’s algorithm update, most of the client lost their top rank. They have had to work extra hard getting back to where they were pre-SEO campaign.  It is an expansive scenario, if you work with an online marketing agency for the long time and expect ethical and exceptional at Internet marketing.


    To choose the best internet marketing company is a challenging task. There are a few things that you should be kept in mind when choosing an Internet marketing company to work with to confirm that you don’t decline “agency hopping”every six months. Nowadays, users are connected to the social media channels and are expecting to get everything over there. Staying ahead of every market trend has been considered vibrant to attain the desired results. The digital marketing company directory offers, the listing of top-rated marketing agencies. The SEO specialist of these agencies, focus on the mentioned latest trends and get ready to face future challenges.

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