10 Ways Social Media Marketing has Changed in the past 5 years


    No doubt, the social media market is changing at the rapid speed. Social media marketing has led an interesting path, rising up from being a mockery in the marketing industry to a staple of modern consumer interactions. In the last 5 years, a social market firm has been established successfully and its strategy has undergone some significant changes. SMM experts are needed to promote your business on social media platforms.

    Organic traffic isn’t as available. Social platforms are very much aware of the power they hold for businesses, and they want to use it to generate a profit. Accordingly, it’s harder to get organic reach on most popular platforms, especially Facebook. Platforms are pushing businesses to pay for advertising to build an audience.

    For instance, just slightly a year and a half ago, Stories was introduced on several major social media platforms. While Instagram Stories have more than 300 million active daily users, Snapchat Stories have been viewed 10 billion times a day.  The new content format has proven to be an instant hit number of new buyers and brands, making it one of the most popular and in-use social media features.

    To succeed in social media, it’s essential to stay ahead of the curve and understand the latest social media trends. To make it easy for you to keep the pace with all these changes. Let’s discuss 5 major changes that took place in social media marketing in 2018 are as follows:

    1. Live Video

    Concerns, conference and behind the scene content is the most popular among the audience. Streaming videos now account for more than two-thirds of internet traffic. Live video has completely taken over the social media real estate. Started in 2015, Live videos are now immensely appealing to brand audiences: 80% would rather watch live video from a brand than read a blog, and 82% prefer live video from a brand to social posts.

    91% of the Live Videos are streamed on Facebook, Live, the social media platforms offer brand-ability. To engage with your followers in real-time. The live broadcasts engage with comments, reactions and viewer numbers which helps to prompt responding by answering their questions.
    With so many social media platforms to choose from, there are that many new ways to reach and connect with loyal fans and potential customers. Social media allows companies to meet users at their level and in ways that will resonate with them. By understanding your brand, your goals, and which platforms are best suited to your message and clientele, your company creates a message that can be heard on any channel.

    2. Facebook is Changing

    Facebook makes major changes to its algorithm emphasizing on more meaningful social interactions. The social media now measure post reach based on actual views. At the beginning of 2018, Facebook comes with new changes and with the latest news feed.

    After updating the new version of the Facebook, Facebook will begin to calculate reach based on how many times a post enters a person’s screen from this week onwards. This will make the organic reach of Pages more consistent with the way Facebook measures reach for ads.

    3. Instagram is also changing

    With this update, you can schedule Instagram posts in advance. You can now add GIFs to your Instagram stories. Stories can now be published in a typing mode. Facebook is introducing new changes not just in its apps, but its subsidiaries as well.

    Facebook-owned Instagram will now enable business profiles to schedule posts with third-party tools having to go through the current process of getting an alert and manually posting. Moreover, you can also type questions, share your stories and share location and mention your followers in the latest posts. Moreover, the media sharing app has rolled out GIF stickers that can be added or pinned to videos and photos in Stories.

    4. Chatbots are compulsory these days

    Chatbots have become a familiar name in the customer interaction and customer support service. Artificial intelligence powered chatbots provides advanced customer handling. Businesses are shifting towards Chatbots for a better user experience.

    Various big players like Facebook, Twitter, Amazon has understood the importance of chatbots in businesses. The new AI wave has restricted chatbot marketing’s sails. 95% of consumers believe that ‘customer service’ is the major beneficiary of chatbots. 75% of the business said that AI will be actively implemented in their companies within the next three years.

    The rise of the social messaging has given the pump to the chatbots. As Facebook Messenger grew, the number of bots in Messenger also grew from 33,000 to more than 100,000 in just a year. There are also chatbots in We Chat, Slack, Viber, iMessage, Kik, and many other platforms.

    Not just selling products, chatbots have also found their use in social selling. The various advantages of using Chatbots are:
    1. They can effectively answer customer queries.
    2. They can build brand awareness among the audience.
    3. They can help you boost your sales.
    4. They are available 24/7 at the customer service.
    5. They can convert leads into customers.
    6. They can keep the customer engaged and guide the customer through your website.
    The chatbot is a social media app that is widely used almost in every sector.

    5. Social Advertising is on peak: It is true that every business work hard to gain the presence of organic social media. They can reach up to their goals by expanding their reach using paid advertising services. Sometimes, social media advertising can cost less than search-engine PPC services such as Google and Bing.

    The company those are using these services can easily target the audience and achieve the ROI. These platforms provide facilities to select their audience, according to their need based on social media, income, gender, status, race and geographic location. It helps to track the market segments.

    6. Business Intelligence: Marketers now use social media to identify and monitor their competitors. At a time when the competition in many industries and markets has intensified, businesses need to know everything about the firms with which they share the playing field. Following competitors can, for example, help marketers identify prospective customers and learn about the challenges that similar companies face. Another important social media trend involves learning from the social media failures of competitors. By simply observing what tactics have succeeded and failed for competitors, companies can eliminate much of the trial-and-error experience that costs a lot in terms of time and money.

    7. Customer Service Marketing: Businesses have struggled to provide adequate customer service for a long time, and social media have highlighted many horrific customer service failures. As a result of the interaction between customers and companies on social media, many reputations have been tarnished and much business has been lost. Companies have discovered that they can establish a competitive edge by responding in public on social media to customer feedback and complaints. As a result, consumers can see how quickly and appropriately a business responds to customer issues. Now, even angry customers represent tremendous marketing opportunities.

    8. Targeting and measurements are much more advanced: With the advancement of technology, another depending factor has been changed. As compared to last 5 years, every business has made it easier for the business to target the highly specific audience and analyze their results in a more accurate way. The end result is that marketers have more tools to operate effectively–as long as they know how to use them.

    9. The passive approach doesn’t work: It’s no longer possible to build an audience using the passive approach of making good posts and hoping the audience comes to you. Instead, you have to go out and get the audience. Competition is too fierce and organic reach is too low for a passive campaign to thrive.

    10. News: Gone are the days when news received on the next days, Nowadays, with the help of social media platforms, news reaches to their audience within a few minutes. It is possible only with the help of social media platforms only. News has always traveled fast. When it’s traveling at the speed of 500 million tweets per day, it’s important to keep up.

    Even you can watch live video of the incidents, conference or any other concern with the help of these platforms only. It is the best way to announce anything, whether it is sad or good news. It will reach to the audience within few seconds or minutes only.

    As we discussed above, there are numbers of things and platforms that have been changed in the last 5 years. It is possible due to social networking sites only. The social media world is changing every day, every minute, and every second. While it’s impossible to predict how the social media marketing landscape will change over the course of a year, but marketers should keep an eye on the above evolving social media elements to woo their customers with these new trends.

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